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Getting the Best Bargains Online for Black Friday through Christmas

If you are as busy as I am, then you know organization and timing is everything. Right down to your Christmas list. And if you are online 15 hours a day like I am sometimes, all your friends think you always know where the best deals are.

I felt compelled during the silly season to quickly mention some great online sites, email updates, and some apps that I use to get some, as we say back in my home state of Rhode Island, “Wicket Bah-gins” for the holiday season. Not everything is listed, but some I find to be pretty darn good. I will add as I find more or hopefully you will contribute by commenting below.

And please, this is not a statement endorsing 100% pro-Internet shopping for the holidays. I do agree with shopping local to help small businesses as well as donating and supporting causes for the holidays instead of gifts. This is mainly a resource for those who have little time and want to find the best deals possible online through websites and apps.

Online Bargain Sites

DealNews – Where every day is Black Friday. Great site for amazing deals on the products you want as well as coupons. Follow on Twitter.

Woot! - Is an extremely popular bargain site online, mostly only offering one (or more) Woot specials per day. In addition, there is kids.woot!, wine.woot!, shirt.woot! and sellout.woot! Which was indeed a “sellout” to the Man, Yahoo! Woot! has just come up with a Digg-like version of Woot! with deals.woot! full of many bargains, not just ones chosen by the woot! staff. Follow Woot! on Twitter .

SlickDeals – Another great bargain site featuring coupons and Black Friday specials. Follow on Twitter.

Techdeals – A site for mostly techy items but still worth a looks for some great bargains. Follow on Twitter.

FatWallet – A bargain site featuring coupons and top deals. They have several Twitter accounts based on one day sales and specials. Follow on Twitter or Facebook.

BizRate - Probably one of the better shopping resource sites that allows you to compare the best value for all the products you are looking to buy. They get the feeds from retailers and aggregate the prices for you. They definitely need help with their Twitter account.

BlackFridayAds – This is a site that is going to give you tons of ideas based on retailer’s Black Friday advertising. Follow on Twitter. – Don’t forget – they can really come in handy with the shopping for Christmas dinner. Follow on Twitter.

Online Retailers

Amazon – Hands down, Amazon is the #1 retailer by far. The reason I love them more is that they have Prime shipping, which you pay a nominal amount upfront and mostly all your shipping is free if you choose Prime. Amazon gets in their in record time. They also have great daily email reminders on the best bargains of the day with “Gold Box New Deals-Today’s Deals” and “Black Friday Deals” which you will want to keep aware of. Follow on Twitter.

OverStock – OverStock has had its problems over the years, but still remains as one of the best places to buy online with a the huge assortment of items. Follow on Twitter.

Etsy – Want to support micro-retailers and get something homemade? I could not resist adding Etsy in the fray because I think they have just changed the quality of shopping online with more intimate, handmade wares. They are not necessarily a bargain site; but I do think they should be in the list for getting quality items if you are in rush as their site is so eas to search. Take a look at Etsy for all your handmade goods and support some very talented artists, knitters and crafters. Follow on Twitter.

Email Updates

Daily Candy - Want some unique gifts for the holidays? Then get the daily updates from the Daily Candy and find out what is new and hot in your own backyard. You can choose your own city you want updates from and the Daily candy finds the deals, the new and unique items, and sometimes the eccentric out there for every shopping diva, delivered to your email box daily. Follow also on Twitter and even get the Facebook app for your FB stream.

iPhone Apps

Red Laser – Were you ever in a store and wanted to know if you were paying the best price? Well the iPhone app Red Laser allows you to scan the barcode of the item at hand, and then conducts an online search to show you who has the best bargain. Ingenious tool for the bargain shopper. Cost is only $1.99 and can be found in the Apple App Store.

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  • timada
    This is a great list thank you. I already knew about some of these places to find cheap stuff but others I have never heard off before. It's surprising how many people don't take advantage of sites like this and continue to buy incredibly overpriced items when there are so many cheaper alternatives.
  • Thanks for posting that, Garrett. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • @TechCrunch just posted this and I thought it was totally relevant!
  • janecournan
    Two more that might help in your shopping are -- to compare prices at many many vendors in almost every catagory and send you an email when the price gets to where you want it -- and another one with all the ads etc.

    Leslie- thanks for all you do
  • Hey thanks, Jane! That's great! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Hi Leslie!

    First off, GREAT POST! You found some great resources!

    Here's a list of 102 Black Friday Deal Spotters on Twitter

    If you want to plug into the deal firehose on Twitter, that's the best place to start :)

    Keep up the great work!
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