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Do you want your Friends to Share Your info on Facebook?

Here is another Facebook Privacy Settings blog post that you all should know about. Recently, I posted Take Note: Delete Facebook Applications. Like, Now. which addressed the issue with third-party applications and your privacy which deserves a quick glance if you are interested in privacy issues.

Just because you updated your Facebook privacy settings once in one area, does not mean you are protected against others using your information. If you have not gone through these privacy settings for what your friends can share from you, and you do not want them to share your information, then follow these immediately to ensure they do not.

There are plenty of applications out there that still will cull your information if your friends have the application and sending to you, such as a automatic ecard or others. The best thing to do is make sure you are taking responsibility for your own data and that you are not releasing any information that you do not want out there. Also, just don’t make the changes. Understand the changes you are making so that you will become more familiar with all these profile settings so you can, from time-to-time, make sure your settings are consistent with your privacy concerns.

Despite what a lot of people think, Facebook does make it very easy to change your settings. However, they may not be as vocal in these changes as most would like. I would highly recommend you follow certain Facebook Pages that provide you with resources that will let you know when things change, such as Geek Girl Camp, and Facebook itself has some great pages to follow so you can get the updates in your stream such as Facebook Products, Facebook Pages and Facebook Security. “Like” these, and get the updates when they are released. It is your responsibility to be vigilant in knowing what is going on.

Let’s get started with these changes:

  1. Go to your “Privacy Settings” page and choose “Applications and Websites.”
  2. Click the “Edit Settings” button next to “What your friends can share about you.” This page will show you all the options that your friends’ applications can access.
  3. Check or uncheck them based on what you’re willing to share.

Your friends probably do not even know they are making your information public, so don’t blame them. Certain applications your friends are using may target your information if they send something to you. Don’t let the application use your information if you do not want them to.

As always, Facebook and any other web application service is going to do what is best for them. Just make sure you are protected if you do not want your personal information out there.

I must interject that I am a little surprised at all the hullabaloo with Facebook, as Google Buzz and Twitter have no privacy, either. It’s inevitable that Facebook will become more social. Whether you like it or not, it will.

So, take responsibility of your own information, and stop blaming the companies. They will continue to do what is best for them. Not you.

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  • I followed your instructions yesterday, but wow ... just found a great post at ... maps out all the privacy settings & there are more we need to deal with than above.
  • Thanks for the info as I'm always learning a little more from folks like you.
  • socialstacy
    OMG, Facebook is getting annoying. Seems like every other week we have to update our privacy setting because of facebook changing everything. The site should just take a chill pill for a while.
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