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Using Creative Commons to add media to your blog

Using Creative Commons to add media to your blog

One of my readers once wrote, “I’m starting to think you find these amazing images and then write your posts around them—they’re so perfect!”
Nope, that’s not how I do it, but the images are really…

Wow! I didn’t know you worked at Yahoo!

Cross-posted on SocMedia101
Does your email look like this? [email protected] Feel free to take out ‘Yahoo!’ and insert any of the following:


When you see that my email is [email protected] or…

How to find top blogs

Originally posted on SocMedia101
So many blogs, so little time! How do you find the best ones?
I’m working on a project right now where I need to find the top blogs for a number of different topics.…

The new annoying way to spam on Twitter and how to stop it

Originally posted on SocMedia101
Once again, we have a Twitter epidemic. Spam accounts post tweets asking for action or promoting their links and they include as many twitter handles as they can fit. The pick big name Tweeple…

Need to improve your blog rank and traffic?

Guest post by Julie Roads

This is a familiar client/Writing Roads scenario:
Me: If you want to be part of the world online, you must have a blog (for all of these reasons and

Really? America's 'Tweethearts' have to be half-naked?

Really? America’s ‘Tweethearts’ have to be half-naked?

By Julie Roads of Writing Roads: Marketing writer, blogger, ghostwriter, consultant and GEEK GIRL! (See you at Geek Girl Camp 2010!)
Really? America’s ‘Tweethearts’ have to be half-naked?
Today was kind of a big…