Straight from MacWorld! Digital Photo Workshop: Shoot & Edit Like a Pro, Part 1 BEG

No matter which camera you own, this informative and entertaining two-part class will teach you how to achieve better shots in-camera, plus what to do with them afterwards. In the first part you’ll learn the basics of camera operation and handling, which setting to use when, the secret to visually pleasing composition, and tips for getting the photos out of your camera and into your computer. Camera and laptop are not required.

Straight from MacWorld! Digital Photo Workshop: Shoot & Edit Like a Pro, Part 2 BEGphotography_50

This session is devoted to editing your images with the affordable and user-friendly, Photoshop Elements. You’ll learn basic editing skills like cropping, color correction, how to fix red-eye, and sharpening. Glean the secrets to creating gorgeous grayscales, color tints, partial color effects, creative frames, and more! Last but not least, you’ll learn how to print perfectly-sized borderless images each and every time. Laptops not required.

Graphic Secrets for Presenters  BEG

“An image is worth a thousand words,” the saying goes. If that’s true, why are you still using so much text in your slides? In this session you’ll learn how to communicate through imagery in order to create visually pleasing presentations. Discover where to get some of the most beautiful (and affordable!) royalty-free images you’ve ever seen. Glean the truth about resolution and understand how to resize images from your digital camera–and stock companies–appropriately without losing quality. Using the affordable cross-platform Adobe Photoshop Elements, you’ll learn how to knock out backgrounds, fade one image into another, export transparent images, change file formats, and more. Finally, you’ll be able to turn the images you have into the images you need! Laptops not required.

photoshop_cs3_50x50Intro to Photoshop BEG

In this beginner session, get a general overview of Photoshop and learn the tools you’ll use the most. Finally understand the mystery behind resolution and resizing images for print and web use. Learn a few quick tips to improve any photo, such as simple transformations to straighten and crop images. If you’ve never used Photoshop before and want to try, this is the class for you. (You do not have to have a computer or Photoshop software for this class, but if you have both, bring them.)


Photoshop … the Next Step INT

You know the basics of Photoshop, you’re familiar with most of the tools and are switching between layers in your sleep, so now what? We’ll show how adjustment layers and layer masks can increase productivity and improve photographs. Learn the correct way to remove objects and merge photographs. Discover some editing tips of the pros and learn how to think outside the box. (You do not have to have a computer or Photoshop software for this class, but if you have both, bring them.)


Becoming Proficient on my PC!  BEG/INT

Beginner: Understanding the basics of computers. Learn the basics of getting around on your computer, including copy and paste concepts, shortcuts, data/file management.  Customize your desktop to suit your needs. Laptops not required.

Intermediate: Learn advanced features and functions that will help you work more efficiently on your PC with Office applications. Tips and tricks in Outlook & Express/ as well as Word, Excel and Internet surfing. Laptops not required.

windows_50PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting a/k/a Be your own Techie!  INT/ADV

Intermediate: Basic tasks to ensure your PC is safe and to prevent problems.  Do you have a back up plan in place?  What is RAM and do you have enough?  Safely install new software and/or updates.  Basic troubleshooting and what to try before calling tech support. Laptops not required.

Advanced: What to look for and change if your machine is running slowly, including how to clean up your machine of unneeded software and files.  What to do if you think you have you have a virus.  Advanced troubleshooting and what to try before calling tech support. Laptops not required.

iGoogle – Do You?  BEG

If you’re like most people, you use Google’s products several times a day to search for information or check email. Most people don’t know, however, how many useful tools Google has to make research and time management much easier. This workshop is designed to showcase a few of the products Google offers that may be worth trying for personal and business use. Laptops not required.

Google II: The Sequel – Now that You Google, Let’s Measure it!   INT

Now that you have a basic understanding of Google we are now going to tackle some of the other wonderful applications Google offers, such as Advanced Search, Google Maps, Google Analytics and other tools Google uses to measure just how well websites measure up. Prerequisite: Basic understanding of Google or having taken the workshop “iGoogle – Do You?” Laptops not required.

So you want to build a website? BEG/INT/ADV

Introduction to HTML & Dreamweaver  BEG

In this beginner session topics covered will be securing a domain and hosting account, transferring your files to the host server with FTP, basic HTML and the basic Dreamweaver user screens and tool menus. Laptops not required.

Dreamweaver Design, Layouts, and Styles oh my! INT

Now the fun begins!  Discover all the best practices for design and layout of web pages and the more in-depth options for interactive content -embed video, basic contact forms, Google Maps and photo galleries.  Also in this workshop an overview of Dreamweaver’s preset layouts and an introduction to cascading stylesheets. Laptops not required.

Dreamweaver Crazy Cool Extensions and Widgets  ADV

This workshop is designed for the intermediate/advanced user who wants to take website design to the next level.  Discover Behaviors, Spry Widgets, Server side commands and animation. Note: Software and laptop not required, though if you have Dreamweaver CS3/4 and laptop feel free to bring to class.  Adobe does have free 30 day trials of Dreamweaver to Download Here

Intro to your Mac – Getting Started  BEG

So you bought a Mac and want to know how to use it, or you have always wondered how a MAc works and what is the difference between Pc and Mac. This workshop is perfect for you. It will cover the basics of a Mac, the difference between PC and Mac, some basic information to get started and provide you with a basic understanding of using a Mac. (Laptop not required, but you are welcome to bring your Mac laptop.)

Mac: Beyond the Basics – Applications and More  INT

Now that you know the basics, let’s look at some of the applications. In this class we will review the applications consistent with Mac’s iWork and focusing on Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iTunes and more. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Mac, or having taken the “Intro to your Mac – Getting Started” workshop. Laptop not required, but you are welcome to bring your Mac laptop.)

Intro to Microsoft Word BEG

Microsoft Word is In this class, you will learn the basics of Microsoft Word. Laptops not required.

Intro to Microsoft Powerpoint  BEG

In this class, you will learn the basics of Microsoft Powerpoint. Laptops not required.

Intro to Microsoft Excel  BEG

In this class, you will learn the basics of Microsoft Excel. Laptops not required.

indesign-50x50Intro to InDesign BEG

If you’re sick of creating everything in Photoshop or Publisher and want to learn a better way, come see what all the fuss is about with InDesign. Learn how to create custom pages, add text and import graphics to create flyers, stationary and newsletters. Print or create PDF documents from your files to send to customers or printers. (You do not have to have a computer or InDesign software for this class, but if you have both, bring them.)


InDesign … Beyond the Basics INT

If you’ve been working with InDesign, Quark or PageMaker, we’ll have a quick overview then get into the good stuff! You’ll learn how to increase productivity with styles, add flare to graphics and type, import excel files and create tables. We’ll also show examples of how InDesign is used with the Adobe Creative Suite. (You do not have to have a computer or InDesign software for this class, but if you have both, bring them.)

video_50Video Basics BEG

Basic info on camera, audio, minimum editing equipment, what to look for in a camera, what are the important features. Video basics: framing & basic composition.  Length of video, timing, editing basics. Laptops not required.

youtubeSo You Want to be on YouTube!?! INT

The How’s & why’s to using video on the web.  Video for your business, video as a marketing tool, how to compose your video, how to prepare your videos for youtube – other options and why. Laptops not required.

wordpress-logoWordpress – It’s more than just a Blog INT

In this class you will learn all about Wordpress basics, themes, add-ons, using Wordpress for as your CMS website. Laptops not required.

socialmediaBeginning Social Media BEG

Everyone’s talking these days about social media.  Some even say, “If you’re not on a social network, then you’re not online.”  This workshop gives an overview of recent statistics that reflect demographics, usage, and trends.  We’ll go over the most popular platforms today, who’s using them, and what they’re using them for.  In addition, we’ll discuss some of the many reasons why you should begin using social media and how to get started.  No laptop or prerequisite required. Laptops not required.

twitter-48x48Introduction to Twitter for Business  BEG

Come learn what Twitter is, how to get involved and how to use it for business! Twitter is more than just a fad, and the time to sign up is now. The session will show attendees how to sign up, use Twitter, interact with others, as well as fun tips and tricks to using Twitter in multiple business settings–including PR, customer service and marketing. Laptops not required.

twitter-48x48Twitter for Business!  INT/ADV

Today, many web enthusiasts are all atwitter about Twitter.  This popular microblogging platform has taken the Internet world by storm.  What started out as a simple site that asked users the question, “What are you doing?” has become an overnight business phenomenon.  Learn about the various uses of Twitter and how it’s being used as a powerful marketing channel and customer support tool.  See what companies are making great case studies and what best practices you can execute to help your Twitter use.  Prerequisite:  Recommended that attendees have already created a Twitter account and have a basic understanding of its features. Laptops not required.


Getting Hired in a Web 2.0 World  INT /ADV

So you’re on a different social networks and have a basic understanding of how to use the tools.  Now what?  Let’s start thinking bout creating a personal brand for yourself that will help you stand out in today’s competitive job market.  Learn how to use social media to make meaningful professional connections, land job interviews, and put your best foot forward.  Prerequisite: Beginner Social Media. Laptops not required.

Facebook and Twitter: Up and Running (or, Why in the World Would I Want Everyone to Know What I’m Doing?) BEG/INTsocialmedia

This workshop is designed to explain the popular social media tools Facebook and Twitter from the basics up.  These services continue to grow in popularity, but there are still a lot of questions even from people already using them.  In this session I’ll explain what the tools are and the basics of using them, and also when and how to use them to effectively communicate the right message to the right people.  I’ll also be available to answer any general questions about social media as they come up. Laptops not required.

The Power of Facebook for Business  BEG

If you have a business or non-profit, or organization you want to promote as well as connect with others who may share similar interests, Facebook is a great tool for accomplishing these goals. In this workshop you will understand the value of using Facebook for business, know how to create an effective profile page, learn how to build your connections, and learn how to grow your reputation using groups. Laptops not required.

How to Use Facebook for Business  INT

Welcome to a world of conversations and relationships. Facebook is not an evil time-waster, a community just for college students, or something scary or irrelevant for marketers. Facebook is an online tool for connecting people with those around them. And, as with any social media tool, marketers have an opportunity to use Facebook to expand their online footprint and engage with customers directly. This session will cover all the basics you need to use Facebook to market your business, including: why businesses need to be on Facebook, how to set up a Business Page, how to promote your Page and how to measure your marketing efforts. Laptops not required.

The Power of LinkedIn for your Business or Career  BEG

What’s the Power of LinkedIn as a business owner and for your career? In this workshop, you will understand the value of using LinkedIn, learn how to create an effective profile page, learn to build your connections, and learn how to grow your reputation using groups. Laptops not required.

Facebook: The Ultimate Personal Networking Tool  BEG

Everyone wants to stay in touch with friends in family in this mobile times. This workshop will focus on the personal/non-business side of Facebook to accomplish those goals. Understand the value of using Facebook, learn how to create an effective profile page, learn to build your connections and understand privacy controls. Laptops not required.

Email Marketing Basics  BEG/INT

Email Marketing is a very effective way to grow your business or organization, market your business to past clients and create great measurability with the right tools. Learn all the rules you need to create effective campaigns, keep inside the law with SPAM rules, build your lists and learn about the many tools available. Laptops not required.

What the Heck is Inbound Marketing? BEG/INT

The Internet has transformed the way people learn about and shop for products. Today, people start their learning and buying process on the Internet, in search engines, blogs, and social media sites. Inbound marketing is all about getting found by the people already looking for you online and connecting directly with your prospects. This session will cover: what is inbound marketing, why you should care, and how you can do it on a day-to-day basis. Attendees will learn what is inbound marketing and why should you care? Prerequisite: None. Laptops not required.

Managing Work Flow In Social Media  INT

This is a workshop designed to give you the tools that you need to manage your time online so that it does not take over your time offline. The instructor, Leslie Poston, manages over 100 social media profiles each day as well as running a successful business and “having a life”.  She will share her tools and how she uses them, and give you the information you need to make your own toolbox and manage your time while still getting the benefits of having an online social network. Laptops not required.

ROI Is Not Money  INT

Let Leslie Poston, founder of Uptown Uncorked, show you the new way to look at (and leverage) ROI in a world of intangibles like social media. No longer do we depend on direct sales from passive ads, but on building networks and engaging the customer. The measurement and approach is different but the benefits are there for the taking, and you’ll learn how to increase and track your social leverage through engagement marketing. Prerequisite: Need to already have a social media profile of some kind even if you aren’t using it much. Laptops not required.

quickbooks-logoQuickBooks  BEG

Learn the basics of Quickbooks for your business! Get all the answers on setting up your business, setting up your chart of accounts, AP/AR, invoices, etc. (You do not need a computer or QuickBooks software on your laptop for this class.)


Intermediate QuickBooks  INT

Anyone who has taken the basic class, or if you have an understanding of QuickBooks should take this class. This class will focus on QuickBooks operations for your own business. (You do not need a computer or QuickBooks software on your laptop for this class.)

blogBlogging 101  BEG

Leslie Poston is a professional writer who has over 30 professional and 7 personal blogs to her name, including work at Mashable, Technosailor and Blorge. Let her show you how to get started: from choosing a platform to deciding whether or not to have ads on your blog and getting over writer’s block. Laptops not required.

blogThe ABC’s of Blogs  BEG

There are so many parts to a blog – and they all work together to make your internet space a success. So, if these words sound like Chinese: headers, tags, categories, widgets, plugins, links and more – then this workshop is for you! We’ll define them and discover how to use them on your blog. Beginner Level. Laptops not required.

blogBlogging for business (without sounding like a used car salesman)  BEG/INT

How can a blog help your business authentically? We’ll explore ways to use a blog to build a mailing list and a subscriber list, create and grow real client relationships, sell products and services, advertise, promote yourself, connect with other business partners and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Appropriate for Beginner & Intermediate Levels. Laptops not required.

blogBlog writing. Yes! It is different than other writing!  BEG/INT

Yes! It is different than other writing! This workshop will cover voice, audience, purpose, strategy, content, length and formatting for blog writing. We’ll explore the ins and outs of different kinds of blogs – depending on who’s in the workshop. Appropriate for Beginner & Intermediate Levels. Laptops not required.

The importance of using Social Media to drive traffic to your website  BEG

First you needed a website, then a blog, now you’ve also got to be active in social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Squidoo)…find out what the buzz is all about and how it will help your business. Beginner Level. Laptops not required.

Twitter! And why it will change your world and your business  BEG/INT

Twitter is one of the most influential social networks today – with over 5 million users and growing at a rate of 5-10,000 per day. This workshop will help you set up a profile and teach you how to use it effectively as a marketing tool. Appropriate for Beginner & Intermediate Levels. Laptops not required.

Get your Google on: Search Engine Optimization for Beginners  BEG

Ever wonder why your company’s website doesn’t come up highly on Google searches?    This class will help demystify Google and how it ranks websites, and will teach you basic techniques to optimize your company’s website to come up better in search engines.  Even if you don’t do the updating on your website, you can communicate what you learn to your web developer.   Laptops not required.

Getting traffic to your website: Website Marketing for Beginners  BEG

There are many easy ways to build traffic to your website, including email marketing, paid links, paid search, social media, and “offline” sources. Some are free, some cost money.  This class will help you figure out a simple marketing plan to build traffic your website, which builds your business.   Laptops not required.

itunes_50Podcasting for Beginners  BEG

If you’ve ever wondered about podcasting, then this session is for you. Join Lesa Snider King, co-host of the popular Internet radio show Your Mac Life, to get the scoop on what a podcast really is, who listens to them, how you can make one yourself, and how to get folks to listen to it once you do. Enjoy a sneak peek of a few “cream of the crop” podcasts and learn their secrets to success! Laptops not required.

How A Middle-Aged Woman Who Knew Nothing About Podcasting Became Producer/Host of Her Own Biweekly itunes_50Podcast Series. And You Can Too!  BEG

Presented by Helen Osborne, producer/host of Health Literacy Out Loud. This session is for people passionate about their topic but new to podcasting.  Helen Osborne will talk about her journey going from someone who didn’t know anything about podcasts to being producer and host of her own bi-weekly interview series. She will highlight lessons learned along the way. They include  what a podcast is and why you should care, resources you need to get started, what to say on a podcast: interview strategies, and ways to market and promote your podcast. Laptops not required.

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