About Geek Girl

Geek Girl started in March of 2008 on my birthday when I just became so frustrated hearing stories of woe from bright, articulate women who did not know the basics of computers and the Internet, had a penchant for being taken advantage of by computer gimmicks and overly anxious sales clerks who liked to believe they really DID need an extended warranty for that 42 inch plasma, so maybe they should speak with their husband who knows more about that stuff than the little lady…


These are all true stories of the women I adore in my life. Like my Mom. And my girlfriends. And female clients.

Isn’t there something out there that can help? Can’t I just “send them” somewhere so they can all understand all of this? Like some kind of Dr. Who transporter mechanism I can just send them through?

Don’t get me wrong – there are a myriad of expos, meetups, events, etc. where people can learn all about the latest in computers and the Internet. But they all are driven to and for the “ultimate geek”.

We wanted something for the “average wannabe geek girl”. In an environment where no one ever has to feel silly about asking the wrong question and getting laughed at by some 19 year old pimply know it-all World of Warcraft cretin. With braces. And a Marilyn Manson tshirt.

So, with help from my friends and the men in our lives (yes, behind every strong woman is a man who is willing to carry her laptop), we created Geek Girl. Just for the other 80% of women who do not live their lives at MacWorld conferences, Twitter their fingers off until 3am every night just to prove a political point, and use Facebook just to see if their boyfriends ever DARE change their status from “in a relationship” to “single” after a phone tiff.

Nope. This is for the average gal, the beginner, the intermediate and even the advanced who wants to be involved.

It’s for paying it forward, helping out, having fun and feeling empowered.

So if you would like to be a part of this great social experiment, come to one of our socials, dinners or boot camps and meet hundreds of other women looking to learn, get empowered and connect with others. Become a speaker and teach us all something new. Volunteer. Be a Sponsor. Please! Because we all know iPods don’t grow on trees. We depend on our valued Sponsors and Partnerships to keep these seminars going and we cannot thank them ENOUGH for everything they do for us.

So, come and join us. What have you got to lose? Besides a cloud of technophobia following you around?

Hope to see you at the next event!

You can always contact me by email or catch me on Twitter!