Geek Girl for Hire







Geek Girl provides in-house seminars, workshops, presentations and One-on-One training for companies and organizations to train your staff and members on the basics and what is new in computer technology, the Internet, New/Social Media and the web. We are experienced, trained professionals who will create a program for you based on your needs. We cater to Real Estate, non-profits, companies, organizations, Chambers of Commerce, educational and more.

We even make house calls!

This program is the result of the many requests we are receiving from non-profits, groups, organizations and companies to present workshops, seminars and presentations on computer technology, Internet and web internally to their employees, members and audience. If you or someone you know would like to hire Geek Girl for your next event, fundraiser, Business Educational Series, after hours, continuing education, please fill out the form below for more information and pricing. We can also bring our famous Help Desk to your next event!

We will work with you to show you how you can use this as a fundraiser for your non-profit, a “value add” for your organization, or deliver much needed continuing education to your employees. We will work with you to develop the best program for you.

Geek Girl for Hire is comprised of highly skilled individuals in computer technology fields they specialize in.

Deliver the best to your employees, your members, and yourself, by hiring the best.

Presentations/Seminars/Workshops include:

› Social Media/ New Media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Strategy, Social Media Policy, Analytics, etc.

› Blogging

› Video

› QuickBooks

› PC Maintenance

› Mac

› Photoshop/ InDesign / Elements

› Digital Photography

› Design

› Building your own Website with WordPress

› Internet Marketing

› Microsoft Word/Excel/ PowerPoint

› Podcasting

› Google Apps, Drive, Analytics, etc.

› WordPress

And much more.

Contact us to set up an appointment with you!