Geek Girl Testimonials

Geek Girls

Here are some of the sweetest emails and praise we receive from our fabulous supporters; feel free to leave a comment for us at the bottom of the page. Thanks for your support!!

  • Hello, I was delighted to hear that I had won a spot in the Geek Girl Camp. As a business consultant helping small businesses on the Lower Cape, I am always looking to fill my knowledge bucket. Every time I add information into the bucket, I can be sure that someone will come along and need a drink from the bucket. I have already utilized the Photoshop information, understand the new IPOD and now I understand all that Excel has to offer. The best part for me was hearing the inspirational speakers first thing in the morning. We are all in this together and we all make a difference. Thank you for making this available to me.
  • Thanks for the opportunity to attend Geek Girl Boot Camp. It was an amazing and overwhelming experience and one I would repeat. I attended the ABCs of Blogs and social media to expand the possibilities for our church bookstore which I run (as a volunteer and non-retailer). I also picked up some camera tips for use with my new digital camera. But I must say much of the education for me came in the lines, at the lunch and before and after the class sessions meeting other women of all ages and hearing what they’re up to. I filled a notebook with possibilities and pull that out as I work on other projects in my life. Thank you again for such a gift. 
  • Just wanted to thank you for a terrific boot camp experience.  It was a class act…
  • I am a retired doctor dealing with the difficulties of MS.  Prior to my doctoring, I worked at MIT, just as personal computers were coming to the scene.  I became a devoted Mac person, though rarely, if ever used my computers.  Even though I became proficient in Unix…..basic things with my MacBook Pro have been overwhelming.  And I just assumed that I was too old to be taught new tricks. Your camp taught me otherwise.  Even for moi, it is never too late to learn.  What a pleasant comeuppance!
  • Thank you SO much!  You have no idea the gift you gave me, in revitalizing my Spirit.
  • I look forward to next year with happy anticipation!


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