Find amazing people to work with through your friends – Try Shoutworthy!

Social Media is all about finding great people to connect with, right? Well now there is a new web application where you can find amazing people to work with through your friends! It’s called, Shoutworthy!

(This is only in Beta at this time, but let us know if you want an invite). Shoutworthy works best when you engage and post awesome Shoutworthy comments about what makes your friends so great, that others will find out what they do best. If they are the best Rails programmer, shout it out and let them know! Maybe your friend is the best blogger? Shout it out and let them know!

By you taking some extra time to let people know what your friends do best, and engaging with others, you are helping your friends flourish. And we all know that doing 10 times more for others than yourself will pay off for you in the end as a bonafide selfless community leader! And isn’t that what Social Media is all about? Connecting people and engaging with them? Try it out for yourself!

Why send a shout out? (Per the company website)

  • Get the word out: Reward great work by letting the world know about it.
  • It’s easy: No need to write an essay. Shout outs are only 140 characters or less.
  • It’s fun: Shout outs are fun to give and receive. People love being honored and appreciated.
  • They’re scarce: You can only send and receive so many. No back-scratching or spam.
  • It’s a nice thing to do: You’ll be helping your friends get great jobs, projects and connections.
  • Savvypreneur

    This looks like a great alternative to what we've come to know as Follow Friday. I prefer that people give me a reason to follow in lieu of a list to follow. I would love to to test the Beta version.

  • Ballman

    GREAT idea, I like it….