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Final Reminder: Check your Computer for DNSChanger (or No Facebook or Twitter on Monday For You!)

Are you seeing GREEN when you click this link? DNSChanger Check-up If you are, you are fine. If you see RED, then let’s take these steps to correct it. And it is not too hard to do. We’ve mentioned this several times this past year, but it’s worth repeating since the final plug is coming(…)

How to “Hide” a Person from your Facebook News Feed; without Unfriending Them

Now and again, you find one of your Facebook friends just driving you crazy and you just need to limit their News Feed without deleting them. This is an easy thing to do to “hide” their News Feed, as well as reverse it and once again receive their feeds. All without them even knowing. We(…)

Yes, Facebook Sucks Sometimes…but there’s a Silver Lining…

Just when they thought no one was looking, BAM! Facebook made another permissions snafu. They changed everyone’s email address to Facebook specific emails and posted them on your timeline. Though an easy fix, it just makes you wonder why the hell they just keeping doing sneaky stuff like this…(If you answered, “because they can” –(…)

Ever Wondered What Happens When You Report Something on Facebook?

Have you ever reported anyone on Facebook or flagged some content that was inappropriate, rude, spammy, racist, etc.? Ever wondered what happens once you do decide to click “Report” on Facebook? Here is a bureaucratic…errr….easy-to-use guide that will provide you with more information into Facebook’s reporting process. First of all, there is a process. Facebook(…)

Help Vote in Geek Girl for Forbes Top 100 Websites for Women!

Forbes is back at finding the best online! Forbes has announced a call for nominations for their  2012 list of the Top 100 Websites For Women! Maybe you can help us get there? The official lowdown from Forbes: For the third consecutive year, the ForbesWoman team of editors, writers and producers will embark on a(…)

Facebook Updates Page Admin Roles

Up until now, if you assigned Admin status to someone on your Facebook page, they had the ability to do everything. Now Facebook has made each admin have roles that you can choose. This new feature was announced at the Facebook Marketing Conference in February of this year and was just announced today, so try it(…)

Introducing: Social Media Saturdays!

Do you get a migraine just looking at all these Social Media options here? Of course you do, right? Because Social Media has become more intrusive in our every day lives and more information than ever is bombarding you from all sides. We know you need help, and we can help.   So ask yourself(…)

No wonder why I am always online…

Wow. This is a lot of content. How many of these Social Media sites are you on? How many hours a day are you working on these? Looking at this just gives me a migraine…                             Graphic courtesy of Buddy Media

Nintendo Dominoes…30,000 dominoes featuring Pikachu, Mario and more!

Amazing! Dominoes are cool enough, but dominoes reflecting Nintendo games? Far out, I say. Over 30,000 dominoes were used in this epic setup featuring some of Nintendo‘s hottest games: Super Mario, Pokémon (featuring Pikachu!), Sonic the Hedgehog, and Zelda! It took them three weeks to make it so check it out!