Is Your Facebook Contest Legal? [Infographic]

Do you run contests on Facebook? Or maybe are interested in creating one? Read this over and make sure you are staying as close to the law as possible because there are repercussions if you deviate.

Remember, you can always ask your fans to like or share your page for access to an entry form, but it cannot be the only means of entry.

It’s unfortunate that there are so many steps to take, but hey, if you follow them, you will be fine and your Facebook contest should go off without a hitch. And always keep in mind; Facebook changes their rules like weather changes in New England. Always. These rules are current as of 7/14/14.

Keep the following in mind:




Infographic courtesy of ShortStack

Social Media Spec Guide Dimensions for Content Designers

Every so often we update an infographic with the latest image dimensions for your Social Media sites. Here is the latest one on record we have. Which will probably change again in 6 months. But, at least for now, you will know all the size dimensions for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. Enjoy!
Many thanks to the kind people over at Radious for updating this one for everyone.



Privacy Schmivacy: Protect Yourself from Facebook Social Ads Using your Pictures

PrivacyFromSocialAdsGone are the days when Facebook used to have to ask you for permission to use any of your pictures for advertising and all you needed to do was give them this permission merely by opting-in to the program.

And unless you knew, and you opposed this and knew how to opt-out, then chances are you are probably in danger of having Facebook use your own pictures in what they call “Social Ads”.

The way Social Ads on Facebook works is based on relevancy; say you like Unicorn Meat. Facebook knows you like Unicorn Meat so what they will do is show an ad to your friends on Facebook with your picture on it tricking your friends to believe it’s got to be good if you like it.

What is more frightening is the new privacy rule for minors. Facebook’s new language in their privacy policies states that all minors under the age of 18 must agree to the following language when signing up to use Facebook by “representing that at least one of your parents or guardians has agreed to the use of your pictures on your behalf”. How many kids do you know who are actually going to do this? Very few.

We would suggest you not only change your own privacy settings immediately if you do not want your pictures being used for Social Ads, and send this post to your friends and family so they can change their settings as well.

This is how easily you can change it:

Go to the gear icon in top right hand corner

  • Select Privacy Settings
  • In the left navigation menu click Ads
  • In the Ads & Friends section, select “No One” from the drop-down menu
  • Don’t forget to Save

How many people already knew about this? How many are going to change theirs immediately?

Comment below with any thoughts or questions you may have.



The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is the Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet to replace all others. Well, until social network decide to change their image allowances. BUT – this is a huge resource for any of you social media marketeers and designers.

It’s awfully nice to have a central place for image resizing, whether you need it fo Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. A real lifesaver so you don’t have to go through embedded searches just to create an image.

Many thanks to the folks at LunaMetrics for this infographic, and thanks to Susan Beebee for posting it. Yipppeee!

How to Find and Adjust your Social Media Privacy Settings Quickly

Granted, this isn’t anything ground-breaking or earth-shattering, but it is nice to know there is a site you can go to that finds the Privacy Settings on all your Social Media accounts so you can make any changes quickly. Sometimes the pages that contain the information on how to adjust your settings can be deeply embedded on a Social Media site and it take a good portion of time to find it.

With, you can click on to any of the Social Media icons you use, and it will bring you right to that area.

Quick links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube et al, will certainly help you just get their faster; especially if the situation arises when you have to do it fast because you’ve been compromised.

This is just another great shortcut tip that will help you as the Privacy issues surrounding Social Media just keep getting more pervasive in our lives whenever we are using social networking sites.

Anyone finding this useful to you?


The Simple Science of Facebook Management [INFOGRAPHIC]

There IS a method to the madness of Facebook posts!

Did you know:

  • Wednesday at 3pm EST is the BEST time to post?
  • Posts with images get an interaction rate of 39% higher than regular posts?
  • For every fan you engage, there are 34 more reachable fans?

Still not convinced Facebook is right for your brand?

Try some of these “scientific” methods, engage and watch for results!

Anyone use any of these methods and see an increase in engagement on your page?


What is the Secret to the Perfect Facebook Post? thinks they have the answer in this image. What do you think?

Many brands today are posting on Facebook as a means of connecting with their customers and prospects. However, very few have mastered the basics such as the ideal post length, use of imagery, use of color and linking. When used correctly, these small improvements will add up to increased engagement on your posts and extend the viral reach of your messages.

So, what makes a perfect Facebook post? Let this blueprint be your guide.” – Read more on this Blog Post.

How to "Hide" a Person from your Facebook News Feed; without Unfriending Them

Now and again, you find one of your Facebook friends just driving you crazy and you just need to limit their News Feed without deleting them. This is an easy thing to do to “hide” their News Feed, as well as reverse it and once again receive their feeds. All without them even knowing.

We shall use my friend and fellow Geek Girl Maura Longueil of Abbey Knoll Photography. Maura has done nothing wrong, and I don’t really want to silence her news about her kids (because they are so darn cute) and pictures of martinis (because they are so darn cute), but because she is a good sport, we shall use her for this exercise.


First, make sure you are in your News Feed. You can do this by clicking the Facebook logo in your top left corner or just going into the left side navigation where it says “News Feed”.

Take your mouse hover it over the person’s name you want to hide in your news feed. You will see a pop-up, find where it says “Friend” button. There is also a matching friend button on their profile timeline where you can go. From this pop-up simply uncheck the “Show in News Feed” option. This will now allow you to still keep them as a friend, but not in your News Feed.


Maybe you made a mistake and now want them back? That’s easy, too!

Again, click on “Facebook” to ensure you are in your news feed or just going into the left side navigation where it says “News Feed”.



While in the left sidebar, hover your mouse to the right of the word “News Feed”. An icon that looks like a pencil will appear. Click on that and a drop-down will open. Where it says “Edit Settings”, click that. You will be brought to the “Edit News Feed Settings” window. In the settings menu, locate the friend you hid, and they should automatically appear. Choose the “X” to the right of their name to unhide them. Don’t forget to Save your Settings!



There you go. Easy, fast and your friend may never know it happened.