How to Become a Partner Sponsor for Geek Girl Tech Cons

PartnerSponsorCoMergeGeek Girl Tech Cons for 2014 have been announced and we are busy getting prepped to deliver the best in tech for 2014 for you!

One of our annual traditions is working with our valued Partner Sponsors to be able to collaborate with them, introduce us to their loyal audience and providing them discounts on Tech Cons and then we in turn promote the bejesus out of them online.

A question we always get: How can we become a Partner Sponsor for Geek Girl Tech Cons?

Good question. Here we go:

To be considered, we ask that you are one of the following:

  • Tech User Group: javascript, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, etc.
  • Startup and Entrepreneurial groups
  • Women’s Tech Group focused on empowering women and girls in tech
  • STEM Education Group
  • Professional Women’s Group with a membership/subscriber base (tech or non-tech)
  • Local Chamber of Commerce in the city we have a presence
  • Non-profits that promote: tech for everyone, empowering women, mentors for girls and boys, education, job training, advocates for the unemployed
  • Groups for the underserved and underrepresented youth

And we are open to any suggestions for other verticals…

National Partners and Sponsorships:

Are you a National organization or Resource that is throughout the US and committed to empowering women in tech or business on a national basis?

Some of our current National Partners include:
Chic CEO

PartnerSponsorJSSDSome of our local Partner Sponsors include:

Boston and Southeast Mass area:
Plymouth Chamber of Commerce
Metro South Chamber of Commerce
Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce
Hyannis Area Chamber of Commerce
Falmouth Chamber of Commerce
ABWA Cape Cod

San Diego:
Co-Merge Workplace
Femfessionals San Diego
Good Ol’ Gals
Business Women’s Mega Mixer
Javascript User Group of San Diego
Jenna Druck Center

Las Vegas:



What do YOU get for being a Partner Sponsor? As a Partner Sponsor You Will Receive:

  • Vendor space for conducting business ONE FREE 6 foot tabletop exhibit to promote your organization
  • Two (2) free exhibitor passes to the event for organization representative (other attendees may purchase tickets online at a reduced rate)
  • 20% exclusive discount for your organization’s members off of the $169 price
  • Logo and link-back to organization on website: or or
  • 1/2 page full color ad in Resource Handbook handed out to over 500 attendees
  • Logo Tile and Link on weekly email newsletters
  • Signage at event with your organization’s logo
  • Introduction of your organization at the Opening Keynote
  • Introduction of your organization at the After Event Reception
  • Mention in Blog Post
  • Participation in event Scavenger Hunt to meet Attendees, collect business cards and emails
  • Opportunity to add items to swag bag (500 total)
  • Opportunity to provide a giveaway to attendees at post-event reception

A whopping Value of over $2,500+!

And what do we ask in return? Besides your first born child? THIS!

Choose any 5 or suggest your own ways on how you can help us get the word out:

  • Dedicated email to your database about your Partnership with Geek Girl and the Geek Girl Boston South Tech Con with a link to register for the event with personalized discount code for your membership.
  • Mention your participation with the Geek Girl and the Geek Girl Boston South Tech Con including a link to register in weekly email communications with your database. Minimum once a month: Dec, Jan, Feb, March
  • Membership for one year for Geek Girl in your organization
  • Post Geek Girl Tech Con logo and link to registration on your website
  • Like Geek Girl Camp and Geek Girl Tech Con on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and promote Geek Girl via your social media channels with a link to register. Using #GeekGirlTechCon (#BostonSouth #Vegas #SanDiego)
  • Provide complimentary opportunity for Geek Girl to attend one of your meetings or events at a pre-arranged time to make a brief announcement (2-3 mins) about the event and invite attendees to enter drawing with a passed box to giveaway one free admission to the event
  • Provide complimentary table top exhibit (and admission) at one of your meetings or events for one Geek Girl where attendees are permitted to enter a drawing (at their discretion) for a chance to win a complimentary event ticket
  • Barter/InKind Sponsorship for one of your Business expo events in 2014
  • Write a Blog Post about the event mentioning that you are a Partner Sponsor and why you are involved

OR give us some other awesome ideas on how you can help! We’re listening…

Let us know that you want to be involved by emailing us and telling us more about your organization. We’d love to work with you!



Marching Band Forms T-Rex + Eats Band Member = Awesome

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather watch this sensational marching band then ever see Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction at the football game halftime show ever again. The Ohio University marching band not only forms a massive T-Rex from Jurrasic Park, but check out what they do with Superman. They not only form the “S” but actually form a telephone booth in which superman transforms from Clark Kent into the man of Steel! They also do a pretty awesome job with Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean, with lots of cannon fireworks on the two ships, but my favorite has to be the huge T-Tex that walks and ultimately swallows the drum major. Amazing!

Google Awards Ada Lovelace the World’s First Computer Programmer with a Doodle

Anyone notice the Google doodle for Ada Lovelace today? If you aren’t aware of Ada Lovelace, she is credited with being the first computer programmer. Not to mention the first female programmer. ‘The Enchantress of Numbers’, as Ada was called, partnered with Charles Babbage, know as the ‘Father of the Computer’ to create  applications for his modern computer. Many people feel as though if she had not such a celebrity father – Lord Byron – she might have slipped into oblivion. Babbage created the Analytical Engine, but history proves Ada Lovelace was able to understand it and devise its uses and applications for a super calculator. Thus earning her the right as ‘The Word’s First Computer Programmer’.

If you love Ada as much as we do, check out our tshirts: ‘Ada Lovelace – the Original Geek Girl’. Only $25!

Jetpack 2.0 for WordPress Released: Your True Digital Hub

54 million WordPress websites. 3 million Jetpack downloads.

If you are one of the 54 million on a site, but not one of the other 3 million who use Jetpack because it was only available for, you can now supercharge your WordPress site now with these powerful new features that were only available to users previously.

Best part of 2.0, users can now automatically share blog content throughout all their social networks and no more installing myriad plugins utilizing different systems.  WordPress will now be ‘more social’. Yay!

Jetpack 2.0’s features include (via the WordPress website):

  • Simple, concise stats with no additional load on your server. Previously provided by Stats.
  • Email subscriptions for your blog’s posts and your post’s comments.
  • Social networking enabled comment system.
  • Monitor and manage your site’s activity with Notifications in your Toolbar and on
  • Simple, Akismet-backed contact forms.
  • The URL shortener.
  • Hovercard popups for your commenters via Gravatar.
  • Easily embedded media from popular sites like YouTube, Digg, and Vimeo.
  • The ability to post to your blog from any email client.
  • Integration with and automatic posting to your favorite social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.
  • For the Math geeks, a simple way to include beautiful mathematical expressions on your site.
  • A widget for displaying recent tweets. Previously provided by Wickett Twitter Widget
  • Your readers can easily share your posts via email or their favorite social networks. Previously provided by the Sharedaddy WordPress plugin.
  • Your writing will improve thanks to After the Deadline, an artificial intelligence based spell, style, and grammar checker. Previously provided by the After the Deadline WordPress plugin.
  • With Carousel active, any standard WordPress galleries you have embedded in posts or pages will launch a gorgeous full-screen photo browsing experience with comments and EXIF metadata.
  • A CSS editor that lets you customize your site design without modifying your theme.
  • A mobile theme that automatically streamlines your site for visitors on mobile devices.
  • Mobile push notifications for new comments via WordPress mobile apps.
  • The ability to allow applications to securely authenticate and access your site with your permission.
  • and many more to come!

Has anyone downloaded the new Jetpack 2.0? Let us know what you think.

Angry Birds Star Wars is in a Galaxy Near You! Today!

If I could mention two of my favorite things, one would have to be Star Wars and the other Angry Birds. And now they are together in the latest Rovio game!

Angry Birds Star Wars is out TODAY, November 8th, on iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Mac, PC, Windows Phone and Windows 8 – not sure on Chrome yet.

The coolest part is, the birds are made to look like famous Star Wars icons. Red Bird stars as young Jedi Luke Skywalker. There is a Han Solo bird, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, C3PO, R2D2 and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Angry Birds are the Rebels and the Bad Piggies are the Empire.

Complete with…Pig-Troopers! With a very piggy Darth Vader.

1 billion people can’t be wrong. The Angry Birds franchise is not only fun for everyone, but extremely popular and has been very successful for the 3 nerds from Finland.

If anyone wants me, I’ll just be down under my desk doing some…uh…research…

How many of your Twitter followers are fake?

And so it is upon us. Another 4 years later and the nation is in yet another frenzy over who will be our next President.

And who would have thought 8 years ago some of the biggest headlines would be about which President has more fake Twitter followers? Mashable states Obama has 13 million fake followers out of his 19 million followers, much more than Romney’s 900,000 followers of which 135,000 are fake.

Welcome to the New Media Age. Where you’re not only graded on your ability, but by your clout and Twitter follower count. Or fake ones, as it is in this case.

So how does one find their Twitter fakes?

There is a site call Fake Followers by StatusPeople which will integrate with your Twitter account to find your fake followers. Don’t think you have any? Well, let’s mosey on over to the site and see if you do.

First, go to the Fake Followers site,

Put in your Twitter handle so they can use your data with their system.

We put in our @GeekGirlCamp account and found out the following, which was pretty good – only 2% were fake. Which is pretty good. But then, we’re not running for office.


So, this brings us to the real question; does these even matter at all?

I guess you could say that if you think Twitter is influential in determining the engagement, clout, authenticity and likability of a brand or person such as the President, then yes, I guess this does matter.

If you are from the other camp who believes this means nothing but some mumbo jumbo numbers based upon one social networking site known for multiple accounts and fake identities, then you are right, also.

Whatever the case, analytics and ways of measuring our social media scores and influence is vitally important for brands and this is only the beginning of measuring you or your brands influence.


What are your thoughts on this? How many fake followers do you have?



Who is Excited About Google Fiber?

Who wouldn’t be?

Google Fiber just launched today its new 1 gigabit residential fiber network in Kansas City, MO. Internet and HDTV, folks. The network will deliver 1 gigabit connections to homes all over the city. And if you don’t think THAT is fast, then consider it is about 100 times faster than most current residential broadband connections found in the US right now.

This graph really needs no explanation, but it does show how Internet speeds in the US are just not keeping up with all the technology we are throwing on it. We simply need faster speeds to handle the new technology and all the content we want quickly.

Google states that there will not be any overage charges or caps, it will come with 1 terabyte of cloud storage and HDTV. Kansas City residents will have to pay a $300 connection fee to get the service installed in their homes, and the monthly prices are anywhere from the basic with free Internet for nothing per month, just the $300 construction fee (one time or $25/mo for 12 mo), 1 gigabit Internet for $70 per month (waive the $300 connection fee) or you can have the 1 gigabit Internet and tv for $120 a month.

Although if you are looking for Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead, AMC is not included on the tv lineup as of yet, along with CNN and ESPN.

The network box is similar to Apple TV and you can use your Nexus 7 tablet as the remote.







Here is the new awesome video:


You can go here to pre-register and be notified when it is coming to your address.

I for one am totally stoked for this to come to my hometown of San Diego.

Are you excited to have Google Fiber?

Meet the Ladies on the Panel for our Special Event: Women in San Diego Tech Startups Part Deux

If you are in the San Diego area on August 1st – and it does not matter if you are into tech startups or not – why not saunter over to Co-Merge Workplace for an evening of inspiration, hidden voices in the tech community, some bawdy laughter and brilliant women.  We are having our second in a series of introducing incredible women who are founders of startups, engineers, programmers, CEOs or women who are in high positions at tech companies in the San Diego area and beyond.

We encourage you to support women in tech in any way you can, by attending this free event, becoming a sponsor, offering some giveaways, writing a story or blog post on this, or even just chatting it up online to encourage others to come.

If you did not get to see our first panel, here are Part 1 and Part 2 of our first panel on Women in San Diego Tech Startups and Companies.

Here’s the 911 – hope to see you there!

The Event:

August 1st, 2012 – 6-pm – Special Event: Women in San Diego Tech Startups Part Deux (Panel)

Co-Merge Workplace – 330 A St, San Diego, CA (Map)  Parking info: Where to park around Co-Merge

Signup here! Geek Girl San Diego


The Idea:

What’s it like to work for a Tech Startup?

What’s it like to be a Woman working for a Tech Startup or Tech Company in San Diego?

We are honored to have some of the coolest Geek Girls in San Diego to answer these questions and more for you!


The Agenda:

6:00pm – Networking, Mingle with Sponsors, Demos, Beverages

7:00pm – Introduction of Sponsors, Panelists, VIPs

7:20-8:30pm – Panel Discussion

8:30- 9:00pm – Q&A, Giveaways and Closing Remarks


Our awesome Sponsors!


The Panel:

Liz Gasser, Sr. Director, Business Development, Qualcomm

Liz Gasser is senior director of business development for Qualcomm. Gasser is responsible for developing business strategies for new technologies and platforms that Qualcomm is seeking to commercialize through its global market development and Qualcomm Labs groups.

Prior to this role, Gasser led strategic business development for Qualcomm Internet Services, where she focused on new business, partnership, and innovation opportunities. She drove the acquisition of Xiam Technologies in 2008, reinforcing the group’s ability to deliver more engaging and contextual mobile experiences.

Before coming to Qualcomm in 2006, Gasser spent five years at Openwave Systems, where she held a variety of roles in business strategy, product marketing and product management. Prior to Openwave, Gasser worked as a management consultant in both San Francisco and London engaging with companies on go-to-market strategy, deregulation, and market due diligence.

Gasser holds Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in economics from Cambridge University.


Fallon Chen, Engineer,  Bands in Town

Fallon Chen is a data engineer at Bandsintown, where she writes and manages the data gathering software and event database behind the Bandsintown apps. Prior to joining Bandsintown, she was a part of the DBS Kernel Research and Development Group at Teradata.Fallon holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of California, San Diego, where she studied the performance of distributed anonymity systems under the guidance of Dr. Joseph Pasquale.


Juliet Oberding, Founder (CEO) Predictably Well and Startup Attorney

Attorney with 20 + years experience in complex litigation, intellectual property advising start- ups through Fortune 500 companies. Experience leading teams and managing settlement negotiation in large, multi-party, complex litigation. Founder of Oberding Law, a law practice focusing on business and intellectual property. Professor of Intellectual Property at University of San Diego. Mentor and local facilitator for the Stanford Tech Entrepreneurship online class by Chuck Eesley. Startup Weekend Mentor. AT&T San Diego Apps Challenge Popular Choice Grand Prize Winner. Co-author with Terje Norderhaug of the first published academic article to discuss the challenges to intellectual property law posed by linking and inlining on the web.



Anjali Cameron, Founder, TripLark

Anjali Tuljapurkar Cameron is the founder of TripLark, which aims to save travelers time and energy when they plan travel. Anjali has over 6 years of marketing experience and worked in consumer marketing for Yahoo! prior to founding TripLark. She holds a BA from Brown University and an MBA from Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Follow @TripLark on Twitter for the latest TripLark travel plans and company updates.


Kimberly Spillman, Member of Technical Staff, ViaSat

Kimberly Spillman has B.S. and M.S. from UCSD in computer science.  She has over ten years experience in a large variety of work settings including work abroad in England and Australia, government contracting, private enterprise, startups, extremely small companies, mid-sized and large companies, working as the only woman in the office, and working with several other female engineers.  She has been co-organizing meetups for the San Diego Artificial Intelligence study group, San Diego Hackers and Founders and San Diego Python Users Group.