App of the Day: Talking Angry Drunk Santa

To make your Christmas shopping a little more relaxing and stress-free, we bring you hours of excitement on your iPhone of iPad with Talking Angry Drunk Santa! It’s free and you will be able to amuse your friends at the bar, annoy your family or maybe show drunk and loud Uncle Bernie what he would like as Santa…

The holidays sometimes can be hard on people… yes, even on Santa.

Hours of safe, merry fun for everyone, Talking Angry Drunk Santa allows Santa to blow off a little harmless, hard-earned steam.

Speak into your microphone and Santa repeats your message aloud.

Or listen as Santa lets loose with silly, funny gripes about his demanding life as a magical, global, holiday icon!

Poke and tickle Santa to help him relax with some dancing and snacks.

Be nice to Santa – give him a couple of beers. Everybody needs to kick back and relax sometimes, even mythological heroes!

Send funny holiday card video clips to family and friends using Facebook, YouTube or email.

Frayed Apple Adapter? How you can Replace it

Example of a "T" style MPM MagSafe Adapter which exhibits a strain relief issue, above.

Apple Fans, good news!

If you have a frayed or “strain relief” adapter, Apple has updated their program on how to replace your cord. Their website details how Apple’s Adapter Replacement Program works, and specifically notes what strain relief is and looks like and offers its Resolution Policy on how to obtain a replacement adapter.

The page on Apple’s site goes on to explain what you must do to replace your cord:

Whether your product is in or out of warranty, you can take your adapter to an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Retail Store for evaluation and replacement if necessary. Pending the results of evaluation, you may or may not be eligible for a replacement adapter free of charge. Signs of accidental damage would negate any coverage. Be sure to bring in the computer used with the adapter; it is required to process potential adapter replacements.

I personally have never had a fraying problem, but if you have had any issues with one of your Mac power cords, read over the instructions and get to your local Apple store immediately and get that cord replaced! It’s great to know you can replace one this easily.

Top 5 Reasons I Love QuickBooks On My IPad

  1. I use an RDC App to my cloud server so I have access to not only my QuickBooks but all my files.
  2. My cloud server Right Networks is MUCH more reliable than Intuit’s QuickBooks online server.
  3. The screen is big enough to see a full document.  Much better than squinting at my phone.
  4. I can pull up info on the fly for customers without needing a laptop bag full of equipment.
  5. Intuit said it wasn’t possible and I figured it out anyway!
QuickBooks On an Ipad

QuickBooks On an Ipad

Wanted: San Diego Geek Girls

Do you love the ocean?

Long walks on the beach?

69 degree average temperature year round?

Fish tacos and Stone IPA?

Then you MUST be a San Diego Geek Girl! And we want you!

We just started a Meetup Group to find Geek Girls in the San Diego area who might be interested in being a part of future Geek Girl Boot Camps in the area, as well as the successful “Hire a Geek Girl” program.

If you are a programmer, designer, social media maven, Quickbooks queen, PC or Mac afficionado, foursquare junkie, code toad or IT rock star…then join our Meetup Page and suggest some topis to discuss, events to partake in and perhaps just an all-around networking meetup and get to know ya party.

And if you are interested in sponsoring any of our events, we would love to have you involved and come and speak to the group!

Join us today and get involved with helping others get empowered in tech!

P.S. Geek Guys are so invited.

Sparrow: Bringing FUN back to your email!


I simply love Sparrow Mail – the new Mail for Macs! And the first social email client. Just updated my latest 1.1 version on my iMac and MacBook Air and even used the Facebook integration. Also found some great Sparrow Mail tips for you if you really love it as much as I do!

The ease!

The efficiency!

The coolness factor!

Not to mention full IMAP support, a unified box, quick replies, multiple accounts, labels and now, Facebook profile pictures!

We have also included a great Cheat Sheet on this post.

There is a cost for Sparrow Mail, but if you are like me, the cost is minimal compared to watch you can do with your mail. Go to the Apple App Store and download Sparrow Mail now. Follow them also on Twitter and Facebook.

Do you use Sparrow Mail? Do you think you might try it? If so, let us know what you think!

iPhone Tips: How to Send a Link from Safari to Email or Text











Ever wondered how to send a link from Safari on your iPhone by SMS text or email? Here’s how. Wicked easy!

Choose your Safari web browser app.

Tap the web address bar on top of your iPhone Safari web browser.

Press and hold where the URL address is until the “Select/Select All” options come up.

Tap “Select All” and then “Copy.”

Close the web bowser and then choose which way you want to send the link, whether by text or email.

Then press the “Create New” icon and then tap on the blank space where you would usually type the message you were sending.











Press “Paste” and then type in a recipient for your message and press “Send.”

So easy!











For more TechBytes tips on iPhones, go here and see some past posts> iPhone Tips


Top 10 Reasons to go to Geek Girl Boot Camp…

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to go to Geek Girl Boot Camp on Saturday, March 19th from 8 am. to 6 p.m. at the Cape Cod Community College in West Barnstable:

10.) Not a Geek? Not a problem. It’s meant for all types of computer users; newbies, the hesitant, the self-taught, hard-core geeks, and people just wanting to empower themselves with all things geeky. Knowledge is Good!

9.) Not a Girl? Not a problem. The demographics of Boot Camp range from our youngest at 10 to our oldest at 84. And guys are totally welcome!

8.) Open schedule. Go to any workshop you want (some may have max capacity, etc)

7.) Come with friend/fellow co-worker and divide and conquer on workshops and share. Make new friends. Then learn how to make friends online with Facebook and Twitter!

6.) Outstanding Value. 8 hours of computer instruction, demos, discussion and the famous Geek Girl Help Desk, for less than the cost of 1 hour with a computer tech. Bring a laptop and take advantage of the opportunity!

5.) It’s Local! Right in your own backyard! No need to travel to Boston or Silicon Valley to get the latest on technology. It’s so simple!

4.) You’ll have fun! End the day with a schwag bag full of goodies and a tshirt, mix and mingle with attendees and speakers at the cocktail party where oodles of giveaways will be handed out to winners. (And martinis.)

3.) The Essential Geek Girl Handbook. Containing Top Ten Lists for workshops, speaker bios, ads from sponsors, glossaries, resources and filled with your own notes, this full-color book will be your reference source long after Boot Camp is over.

2.) Demos. Check out computers, smart phones, tablets, video cameras, digital cameras and other consumer products before buying. Get information from the people who use the products every day.

And the #1 Reason to go to Geek Girl Camp….

1.) Just so you can shock your know-it-all teenagers, your impatient spouse or that know-it-all guy in your office and say, “No thanks, I don’t need you to fix my computer. I went to Geek Girl Camp and I can do it myself!” Priceless…

It’s not too late! Register NOW!

Just a Thought: Donate a Scholarship to a Student or Woman in Need! This is a wonderful way to “Pay it Forward” – You can stay anonymous or we can post your name on the website. Contact us for more information.

See you at Boot Camp!

The Geek Girls

Printing Labels From Your QuickBooks Program

With year end fast approaching it is time to start printing those new file labels or maybe to do that year-end mailing.  Printing labels for vendors or customers is easy with QuickBooks.  Select “print forms” from your file drop down menu, then select “labels”.

You will then have the option of selecting a label format and information type including file folder labels and shipping labels.