Introducing….Meghan Blair-Valero: QuickBooks Diva and Shoe Hoarder

Who are you and what do you do? 

I am Meghan Blair-Valero. I own FoggedIn Bookkeeping on Nantucket. QuickBooks and Small Business Finance are my game.


What will you be teaching at Geek Girl Tech Conference this year?

Mobile Payment processing; Time Tracking; Customizing QB Templates and QB on the iPad


What was your favorite part of the conference last year?

Meeting amazing ladies and learning how to control my social media


PC or Mac?


When did you first know you were geeky?

In 1stgrade when computers were new and I used to go to school early to help boot the computers with a floppy.


Star Wars or Star Trek?

Do I have to choose?


Choose 5 people from any moment of time to have dinner and drinks with. Who would they be and why?

Anthony Bordain (writer/Chef); Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia); Janice Joplin (Singer/Songwriter); Georgia O’Keefe (Artist); Anna Wintor (Vogue Editor/bitch)

I would pick these people because I think they all thought outside the box, pushed the envelope and came out on top.  Imagine them all with a few drinks in them??


Who do feel has had the most impact on technology in your time?
Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce


Facebook or Twitter? 



Tell us something about you nobody knows….

I have 35 pairs of shoes

Memorized Reports Quick Tip

When you create a report you really love, or o.k. don’t love but it took you a long time and you don’t ever want to do all that again, you can memorize it.  When you memorize a report in QuickBooks it saves the report as a template allowing the most recent information to be run through the same filters for an even more up to date version of the report.  This is a time saving tool that keeps you from having to remember how you did it last month and also allows you to use consistent reporting criteria.

To memorize a report simply create the report then go to the memorize button in the upper bar above the report.  Save the report to a report group or on its own.  Remember to give it a unique name that will help you find it again easily!

QuickBooks 2012 Is Coming



The ProAdvisors are all starting to get their 2012 QuickBooks in the mail.  January 1 is fast approaching and your 2009 QuickBooks email feature is about to stop working.  What are you going to do?  Our advice is to upgrade now to QuickBooks 2011 while it is still available.  Don’t wait until all you can buy is 2012 editions.  If you have ever bought a copy of Quickbooks early in the year you know the pain and aggravation that can come with that.  Frozen screens, ad-ons that don’t function, slow screen changes can plague a new product until the subsequent releases.  Now is also the time to ask if you should continue to use QuickBooks on your desktop, move to a hosted system like Right Networks, or start with an in house server.    Not sure what is right for you?  Contact a local QuickBooks ProAdvisor that is familiar with your options.

Top 5 Reasons I Love QuickBooks On My IPad

  1. I use an RDC App to my cloud server so I have access to not only my QuickBooks but all my files.
  2. My cloud server Right Networks is MUCH more reliable than Intuit’s QuickBooks online server.
  3. The screen is big enough to see a full document.  Much better than squinting at my phone.
  4. I can pull up info on the fly for customers without needing a laptop bag full of equipment.
  5. Intuit said it wasn’t possible and I figured it out anyway!
QuickBooks On an Ipad

QuickBooks On an Ipad

The Hidden List In QuickBooks You Can't Live Without: Using Vendor Types in QuickBooks

QuickBooks has special lists build into its program called “Customer & Vendor profile” lists.  These lists work with vendors & customers to further group them into specific subcategories.  This is an extremely useful tool for almost any small business.   Here are 3  ways to streamline your life and save you money by using these lists. Read More

Wanted: San Diego Geek Girls

Do you love the ocean?

Long walks on the beach?

69 degree average temperature year round?

Fish tacos and Stone IPA?

Then you MUST be a San Diego Geek Girl! And we want you!

We just started a Meetup Group to find Geek Girls in the San Diego area who might be interested in being a part of future Geek Girl Boot Camps in the area, as well as the successful “Hire a Geek Girl” program.

If you are a programmer, designer, social media maven, Quickbooks queen, PC or Mac afficionado, foursquare junkie, code toad or IT rock star…then join our Meetup Page and suggest some topis to discuss, events to partake in and perhaps just an all-around networking meetup and get to know ya party.

And if you are interested in sponsoring any of our events, we would love to have you involved and come and speak to the group!

Join us today and get involved with helping others get empowered in tech!

P.S. Geek Guys are so invited.

How Do I Track Multiple Departments or Revenue Centers In QuickBooks?

What are your major revenue centers? Do they have their own independent income and expense.  Do you need to sometimes see them together and apart?  If so you may need to use classes in QuickBooks.  This function allows the classification of transactions into “classes” or “departments”.  This allows you to see the independent income and expenses of these segments of your business. Read More

Syncing Your QuickBooks Contacts with Constant Contact

How much money to you spend a year advertising to the great unknown about your business in order to sell them goods or services, to pull in new business, to increase revenue, get them to follow you on social media?  Probably a good bit.  If you use social media and email you probably spend some of your time currency as well as dollars.  Now how much energy and dollars do you spend advertising and generating business revenue from within your existing client base, from those that have already bought into your ideas and products?  In theory those guys are the easy sell.  They already know you and believe in you.  A great way to do that is to use a web email site like Constant Contact to communicate with your clients past, present and future.  Now the question is how do you use your existing list of customers, most commonly found in your accounting system, to help generate revenue or just deepen the relationship.

If your accounting system is QuickBooks and your email marketing program is Constant Contact importing your contacts is very simple.

Read More