Want 2GB of Permanent Storage Free from Google?

Google_logoSick of the Cyber Caliphate and obnoxious anti-government neo-Nazis hacking your social media accounts like Chipotle and Newsweek experienced recently? Well Google wants to help you, help yourself. And rewarding you for it.

In honor of Safer Internet Day yesterday, Google is offering Google Drive users an additional 2 gigabytes of storage permanently if they perform a 2-minute security check before February 17.

The checkup is easy cheesy peasy, and here is how you do it:

  1. Go here to the test
  2. Follow the five steps to verify your account recovery info,  recent activity and approved devices.
  3. If you followed the steps, you will see three green checkboxes
  4. Google says the additional storage will be granted by Feb. 28

Simple, eh?

Let us know how you made out.

Google+ Offering Custom URLs for Selected Accounts

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 2.07.57 PM

Of the many things Google released today, Google+ custom – or vanity – URLs are available to those who meet the criteria. So instead of using (okay, I exaggerated), you can now use URLs like the one we received today. And what’s really nice is that all you have to do for other links is have /posts, /photos, etc. on the end. SO much easier!

If your profile meets the following criteria, Google+ will let you claim a custom URL:

  • Has a profile photo, and.
  • Has at least 10 followers, and.
  • Has an account that’s at least 30 days old.

If you meet the above criteria, you’ll see a notification at the top of your Google+ page or Profile.

So how do you get your custom URL through Google+?

  1. Click Get a custom URL button to get started. Alternatively, from the “About” tab on your Profile, click the “Get” link located under your Google+ URL.
  2. You’ll see the URL(s) you’ve been approved for. If you see more than one option, select the one you like best. You may also be asked to add a few numbers or letters to make the custom URL unique to you.
  3. Check the box to agree to the Terms of Service.
  4. Click Change URL.
  5. They may ask you to verify your account by your mobile phone number. If you need to do this, you’ll see a box pop up asking you to do so.
    a. Enter your mobile phone number.
    b. Check the box to make it easier for people who have your phone number to find you on Google services.
    c. Check your phone for the code that was sent to you.
    d. Enter that code in the box.
    e. Click Verify.
  6. Once approved, this URL will be linked to your Google+ page or Profile, so be sure everything is exactly the way you want it. Once your URL has been approved, you can’t request to change it. When you’re certain, click Confirm.

Voila! Your custom URL should be good to go in no time.

Happy Googling!

Google Awards Ada Lovelace the World’s First Computer Programmer with a Doodle

Anyone notice the Google doodle for Ada Lovelace today? If you aren’t aware of Ada Lovelace, she is credited with being the first computer programmer. Not to mention the first female programmer. ‘The Enchantress of Numbers’, as Ada was called, partnered with Charles Babbage, know as the ‘Father of the Computer’ to create  applications for his modern computer. Many people feel as though if she had not such a celebrity father – Lord Byron – she might have slipped into oblivion. Babbage created the Analytical Engine, but history proves Ada Lovelace was able to understand it and devise its uses and applications for a super calculator. Thus earning her the right as ‘The Word’s First Computer Programmer’.

If you love Ada as much as we do, check out our tshirts: ‘Ada Lovelace – the Original Geek Girl’. Only $25!

The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is the Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet to replace all others. Well, until social network decide to change their image allowances. BUT – this is a huge resource for any of you social media marketeers and designers.

It’s awfully nice to have a central place for image resizing, whether you need it fo Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. A real lifesaver so you don’t have to go through embedded searches just to create an image.

Many thanks to the folks at LunaMetrics for this infographic, and thanks to Susan Beebee for posting it. Yipppeee!

Who is Excited About Google Fiber?

Who wouldn’t be?

Google Fiber just launched today its new 1 gigabit residential fiber network in Kansas City, MO. Internet and HDTV, folks. The network will deliver 1 gigabit connections to homes all over the city. And if you don’t think THAT is fast, then consider it is about 100 times faster than most current residential broadband connections found in the US right now.

This graph really needs no explanation, but it does show how Internet speeds in the US are just not keeping up with all the technology we are throwing on it. We simply need faster speeds to handle the new technology and all the content we want quickly.

Google states that there will not be any overage charges or caps, it will come with 1 terabyte of cloud storage and HDTV. Kansas City residents will have to pay a $300 connection fee to get the service installed in their homes, and the monthly prices are anywhere from the basic with free Internet for nothing per month, just the $300 construction fee (one time or $25/mo for 12 mo), 1 gigabit Internet for $70 per month (waive the $300 connection fee) or you can have the 1 gigabit Internet and tv for $120 a month.

Although if you are looking for Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead, AMC is not included on the tv lineup as of yet, along with CNN and ESPN.

The network box is similar to Apple TV and you can use your Nexus 7 tablet as the remote.







Here is the new awesome video:


You can go here to pre-register and be notified when it is coming to your address.

I for one am totally stoked for this to come to my hometown of San Diego.

Are you excited to have Google Fiber?

Introducing….Sarah Johnson: Web Developer, Writer and Algorithm Wrangler

Who are you and what do you do?

Sarah Johnson, I have a web design business called and I’m a writer as well.

What will you be teaching at Geek Girl Tech Conference this year?

SEO, Google Analytics, Writing for the Web, and WordPress Advanced


What was your favorite part of the conference last year?

The people. The classes were full and people were really fired up to learn.

PC or Mac?

Definitely a Mac, though I have a lot of PC experience from corporate life.


When did you first know you were geeky?

When I was 10 or 11 and begged for math puzzle books that were like crossword puzzles but with math and logic algorithms…early aptitude signals for programming-geek.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars.

Choose 5 people from any moment of time to have dinner and drinks with. Who would they be and why?

Emile Zola, because he’s my favorite writer these days and he was incredibly prolific and able to write his way into all kinds of characters and situations. Matt Damon, because he’s a local guy who made good-and I way over-identified with Good Will Hunting. President Obama because he’s incredibly interesting and human without having an attitude about himself, and he’s seems like he’d be a lot of fun. Bon Iver because I’m interested in his creative process, and Eleanor Roosevelt, who Truman called “The First Lady of the World” for her human rights efforts.

Who do feel has had the most impact on technology in your time?

Steve Jobs without a doubt, simplifying, innovating, inventing….isn’t everyone going to own an iPad in the next year?


Facebook or Twitter?



Tell us something about you nobody knows….

Seriously, if nobody knows, there’s no way I’m going to tell 500 geek girls about it.

Introducing…Maura Longueil: Photographer Extraordinaire and Galley Wench

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Maura Longueil and I’m a compulsively over-committed mother of three. For fun, I hoard large quantities of chocolate and gather lots of smart and crafty people around me in an effort to encourage and foster everyone’s creative spirit. In a fit of shameless self promotion, I will confess that I sell these crafty products for profit at my boutique/studio in Hanover called the {Sassy Boutique} at Abbey Knoll Photography.

And when I have a spare moment, I photograph babies, families, seniors, weddings, and a few businesses.


What will you be teaching at the Geek Girl Tech Conference this year?

I’ll be taking professional headshots for participants ensuring that you all look ten years younger and as thin as you were in high school (back when you thought you were fat).

I’ll also be hosting a very fun photobooth when you arrive, so practice your fish face and cartwheels.

And teaching one Google Picasa workshop so everyone can get their act together with organizing their pictures.


What was your favorite part of the conference last year?

Spooning Leslie Fishlock.


PC or Mac?

Love/hate relationship. Love my Mac, hate the pretentious non geek girl types at the genius bar.


When did you first know you were geeky?

When I was in 5th grade, I wrote lines of code that would make a Christmas tree made of x’s with a blinking star on top. I also wore two ponytails, pink wide whale courduroys and an argyle sweater.


Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Trek because my mom once made me a counselor Troy costume for Halloween and by roommate bought me a chest communicator. Thanks Lars!


Choose 5 people from any moment of time to have dinner and drinks with. Who would they be and why?

The entire cast of MacGyver, second season.


Who do feel has had the most impact on technology in your time?

Steve Jobs.


Facebook or Twitter?

The Facebook time suck.


Tell us something about you nobody knows….

I spent a summer working as a cook in a galley of a tug boat which pulled a barge carrying top secret submarine parts between Boston and Virginia leading to the little known nickname of “galley wench”, affectionately.

Introducing: Laurel Ackerman….Google Girl and Han Solo Admirer

Who are you and what do you do? I’m a marketing geek (among other types of geekiness.)

I help companies connect with their customers in meaningful ways, using data to identify opportunity (or lack thereof.)

What will you be teaching at Geek Girl Conference 2012 this year?

Google Apps! Google continues to release new apps and cool new features in older apps. I’m a big proponent of productivity, and Google Apps rocks in that department.

What was your favorite part of the conference last year?

So hard to say…can I pick two? One: teaching my classes; it was awesome to be helping people and answering real questions. Two: Hearing all of the buzz during and after the event about how much everybody there felt they had learned. It is amazing to be able to share what I learn every day on the job with others. Oh, and a rogue Three: the pink martinis afterward.

PC or Mac?

Both! I love both for different reasons and hop back and forth between them. I use a PC at home and a Mac for work.

When did you first know you were geeky?

Born this way! Actually, it’s when I first started studying marketing and fell in love with the numbers and the processes. It made me realize the potential to work with math and technology to influence people.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars. Han Solo is my favorite movie-star boyfriend. Although Jean-Luc Picard ranks right up there (I’m a Next Generation lady.)

Choose 5 people from any moment of time to have dinner and drinks with. Who would they be and why?

Da Vinci: to find out EVERYTHING
Stephen King: Because I can’t even imagine what he dreams about
Tim Berners-Lee: The father of the internet; I couldn’t do have of what I do otherwise
David Bowie: Because he’s awesome.
Han Solo: See above.


Who do feel has had the most impact on technology in your time?
There are probably folks who were more instrumental in building the technology behind these things, but I don’t know who they are, so: Steve Jobs: mobile apps really took off with the iPhone and have changed the way people do just about everything. Same thing with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg; social behavior will never be the same.

Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook for most things. I can’t keep up with Twitter and there’s too much chatter; but it can be useful for connecting with specific people or getting recommendations/asking questions.

Tell us something about you nobody knows….
Some people know this, but it’s very embarrassing for someone who works in technology…the only video games I know how to play are Pac-Man and Tetris, the old school kinds with joysticks. Also, I rely on my kids to run the A/V equipment at home; I am clueless. Hey, we need a Home Tech class!

How to Add Managers to Google+ Brand Pages

Google+ recently started Brand Pages for businesses, similar to Facebook Pages. And since the only way one could access a Google+ Brand Page in the beginning was through a personal Gmail account.

But, not anymore!

Google+ has opened the ability for up to 50 managers working on your Brand Page at any time. The ability to do this may be kind of hidden at first, but is is relatively easy to do and takes only a couple of minutes.

Here is how you can add Managers, and delete them as well:

  • Go to your Google+ account.
  • On the left side of the page, to the right of your profile picture, are your Brand Pages you have set up. Select the Brand Page you would like to add Managers to. (If you do not yet have a Brand Page, you will need to create one by going to Create a Brand Page.
  • Choose the “Settings” option (the gear in the upper-right hand corner) and choose “Google+ Settings”.
  • On the left hand side of the page there is a “Managers” option; Choose that.
  • If you don’t see the “Managers” option, then chances are you might still be in your personal Google+ page. You will need to get to a Brand Page. You cannot have Managers on a personal account.
  • Add a manager by their email address. They will then appear as “Pending” on the list, with you as the “Owner”.
  • When they accept, you will then see them as “Manager”.
  • To remove a Manager, just select the “x” next to the person’s name.
  • And, if you want to totally transfer ownership, the “Transfer Ownership” option will allow you do so.

So, get your staff on board and get them updating your Brand Pages!