App of the Day: Trunk Club – For The Fashionably Savvy Man

“Real luxury is understanding quality, and having the time to enjoy it.”
– G. Bruce Boyer

There comes a point in every man’s life when he requires some advice towards his wardrobe. Maybe it’s your first professional job. You finally realized that picture you were tagged in last Saturday is the same outfit you were tagged in by your fraternity a few years, or a decade, back. You are trying to attract women into dating you…

Do I have to go to the mall?

app iconMost men would rather live a life of shameful tattered days of youth clothing than go to the mall and spend hours searching, trying on and then standing in line to buy something he hopes is fashion forward and sensible. Trunk Club knows this better than anyone and they have the solution for you!
A fashion forward company focused around men’s shopping, fashion, and convenience.

Trunk Clubs App now makes the process even easier! Create a profile and meet your stylist. Yes you get a real human stylist! She/he will work with you towards finding the perfect style to meet your wardrobe goals. The selected items will be delivered to your preferable location and after trying on and making further assessments, you can return the items you do not wish to add to your wardrobe. You only pay of the items you wish to keep.










If you don’t have time to browse yourself you can request a “trunk” form your stylist and they will hand select items to be shipped after your initial consultation. Once you receive a few trucks the process becomes even simpler because you start to define your style and receive more items your stylist knows you’ll love! There is no commitment and no member fees!

Save your fanny packs, jerseys, and ugly sweaters for halloween! Impress your colleagues and that vote girl sitting a few cubes down. Whatever your mission Truck Club aims to take you there!

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