My iPhone Can Do That?

My iPhone really is amazing. I thank Holy Thor every day for the ability to be mobile without lugging around a laptop wherever I go.

And every day I am learning more things I can do on it. Like this little nugget.

Siri can tell me what planes are flying over my head. Really. I know this might not sound too awesome to some of you, but my office is in the flight path of San Diego’s Lindbergh Field which is the busiest commercial airport in the United States with only one runway, and the second-busiest single-use runway in the world next to London’s Gatwick. So a lot of planes fly over. And I love it. I used to use just my hearing and memory to determine which one is a Boeing 737 or that old freaking DC10 that I think FedEx still uses.

But now Siri has made it even better and here is how you can find out.

Ask Siri, “Siri what planes are flying overhead?”

BOOM. All you need to know.

photo 1



photo 2

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