The Value of Women in Startups

Some things to note: Women earn more than 50% of all bachelor’s and master’s degrees,  nearly half of all doctorates, yet under 3% start technology companies and even less on management teams. We’re changing this, but we need more ladies involved. Get involved!

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The Value of Women in Startups

Help Vote in Geek Girl for Forbes Top 100 Websites for Women!

Forbes is back at finding the best online! Forbes has announced a call for nominations for their  2012 list of the Top 100 Websites For Women! Maybe you can help us get there?

The official lowdown from Forbes:

For the third consecutive year, the ForbesWoman team of editors, writers and producers will embark on a search of the far corners of the Web to uncover the best it has to offer women this year. To compile the 2012 list of the Top 100 Websites For Women, we want to know what you have bookmarked. Tell us where you go for insight, inspiration, to read the latest headlines or get an interesting perspective on a topic you care about.

Include your nominations in the comment section below. Please explain why the site should be on our radar, how you use it in your life and why it deserves to make the 2012 list of the best websites for women.

Just go to the link and leave a comment on why YOU think we should be nominated, based upon how we have possibly helped you, or maybe what we have done for others. Whether our scholarships for women were the reason, how we educate and empower women from ages 8-88 through our workshops, seminars, tech conferences, Geek Girl for Hire or how we support Women and Girls in Tech through our can-do attitude, how well we partner with other women’s groups, or maybe because we are just damn entertaining!

Please also consider nominating our partners, ChicCEO, in hopes they reclaim their 2011 win!

To learn more about Forbes on Women, consider following writer @Jenna_Goudreau, and subscribe to her on Facebook.

Thank you so much for all your support!

Sending a Geek Girl to College? How cool would that be…

Here is a fantastic opportunity in the initial seed phase from the Defrag Conference and the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) to send a Geek Girl in high school to college!

In the words of Eric Norlin from the Defrag blog:

As a corollary to that (call this a pre-announcement), we’re working on a program whereby we would award money for college to a deserving young woman in high school that has an interest in computer science. I’m still hammering out the details, but we’re talking to our sponsors, the NWCIT, etc — where the idea would be that Defrag and Defrag’s sponsors throw some money in a pot, and we find the right mechanism for award selection. Like I said, I’m still working on details, but wouldn’t it be cool if we could build this up to the point where there was a Defrag award that could PAY for the college tuition of a woman choosing to enter the field of computer science?

We at Geek Girl Camp applaud Eric Norlin and would love to support him in anyway possible to get this happening this year, and every year. If you read our mission, we are all about opportunities like this for women who want to get into computer tech and have supported many organizations in the last few years with over $12,000 in scholarships. We eat, drink and live this stuff.

And to think, you could also go to the Defrag Conference and learn about Computer Science from November 9-10th in Denver! Learn all about: Big Data, Analytics, Enterprise, Social Media, Mobile Apps, Cloud Computing and more!

If this is not the place to be for a future geek, then we don’t know. A target-rich environment, I opine.

Are you interested in this scholarship when it comes to fruition? Interested in going to Defrag? Let us know, or stay tuned to the Defrag Blog and website as they update more information on both.

It can be done…and how awesome is sending a geek girl to college to learn about computers? Way….



Meet the Educational Scholarship Partner for Boot Camp Cape Cod, ABWA Cape Cod

At each Boot Camp, we partner with a local women’s group in that region to not only assist us in running the Boot Camp, but because of their involvement, we try to donate a portion of the proceeds to their educational scholarship fund which helps women take classes, workshops, attend conferences and go to college. Last year at Boot Camp Cape Cod 2009, we were able to donate a $1,500 check to them, and this year we are hoping to break that record, and see if we can give some other organizations some help. The Board got together and answered these questions for us, to let people know what the organization does. Also, several of the Geek Girls are members of the ABWA.

1.) What is the purpose of ABWA? And the Cape Cod Charter Chapter specifically?

The mission of ABWA Cape Cod is the same as ABWA National which is:
To bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support, and national recognition.

Though here on Cape Cod we add a bit more flair and fun to the organization, and I think most members would agree, that we have expanded on the mission statement by focusing on friendships and enjoying each other’s company both at meetings and out in the community.  We see each other at so many events and organizations that we are all a part of, and it’s always great to bump into fellow ABWA members.

2.) When do you meet, where and what is the format?

Every month, on the second Tuesday, we meet at the Radisson Hotel on Route 28 in Hyannis. Meetings start at 5:30 with networking and hanging out, and a little after six we sit down so that we can cover a bit of necessary business.  We do very lively introductions of ourselves and then dig into the amazing buffet dinner that the Radisson provides.  After that we have a guest speaker from the community who presents for 20-30 minutes, on a topic of interest to women in business. We then have an ABWA member talk for 5-10 minutes, what we call our Member Spotlights, so that we can get to know our members better.  The official meeting concludes at 8:00pm and the after party continues in the Bistro!

3.) How many members, and what industries are represented? What are the most “unique” industries ever represented by members?

We have approximately 60 members representing a wide variety of professions from lawyers and real estate agents to artists to a whole host of entrepreneurs who cover almost every business enterprise from retail stores to technology.  The most unique members that come to mind are a talented jewelry designer, a professional organizer and a fabulous textile artist. Essentially as many industries as there are represented in the community, there are represented in ABWA Cape Cod.  Everyone can benefit from ABWA. We even have retirees who just enjoy the meetings and the community that has formed!

3.) What are some of the events you do year-round for visibility and awareness for your members and women in general?

Thanks to our dedicated members we have really increased our presence in the community over the last few years.  We have a great Public Relations Chair, Erica Waasdorp of A Direct Solution, who is fabulous at publicizing our meetings, events and activities. Also, our Website Chair, Paula Hersey of Penguin Digital Design (AND a Geek Girl presenter!), works tirelessly to keep our website,, full of up to date useful information for both members and guests alike.

Also, while all of our meetings are open to the public, we also hold two events, our April Open House (April 13th, 2010) and July Golf Outing (July 13th, 2010) where we have an even greater number of guests and community members.  Also (of course!), we partner with like minded organizations such as Geek Girl Camp.

4.) How do you “give back and pay forward” at ABWA Cape Cod?

Our members are very generous at the monthly meetings and at all events by donating to the various raffles and fundraising efforts, proceeds of which go to our Scholarship Fund.  Every year we give out at least three scholarships of $1500 each to Cape Cod women in college or graduate school, as well as $500 to a local organization that helps local women educationally.  Over the years, tens of thousands of dollars have been given out via dozens of scholarships to meritorious Cape Cod women.

5.) What were your thoughts when Geek Girl came to you to partner with Boot Camp in 2009? And what was your reaction when Geek Girl Camp was able to deliver a $1,500 check to you last year for partnering?

We were wicked excited to partner with Geek Girl and were thrilled to be a part of the excitement and energy surrounding the effort.  We had no idea how big it was going to be and how substantially it would benefit everyone in so many ways. We were blown away by both the positive feedback as well as the amount of the check we received as a part of our partnership.  The money from Geek Girl Boot Camp completely supported us adding one more scholarship of $1500. ABWA strives to help women (and their daughters, mothers, sisters, you name it!) through empowerment and education, and so our partnership with Geek Girl Camp is ideal.

6.) What will ABWA Cape Cod be doing at Boot Camp 2010 as an organization? What will each of you be doing that day?

Courtney: I will be manning the ABWA booth and encouraging attendees to come to the ABWA Open House on April 13th, which is free for guests, and a great chance for the ABWA membership to promote itself collectively as well as individually through member booths.

Midge: I will be manning the ABWA booth also and letting everyone know about ABWA, our monthly meetings and how much fellowship you get being a member and attending the meetings. Also how much fun we have together!

Jane: I, too, will be manning the booth primarily chatting it up with member prospects about why ABWA is so fabulous and they should join!  I hope to sneak into a session here or there, too, to enhance my own geek knowledge.

Adrienne: As one-half of the famous “Greek Girls”, I will be meeting, greeting, selling Geek Girl gear and raffle tickets, handing out the awesome swag-bags, and generally keeping the place humming in the background!

7.) What is the Geekiest thing you have ever done that you were so proud of?

We managed to answer the questions for this interview on a three way conference call which we were impressed by! But each of us is also geeky in our special way:

Courtney: I was a Computer Science major in college, so I spent 4 years being full-on geeky.

Midge: We had a workstation crash and I got it back working, it took a long time to figure it out but I did it.

Jane: I set up Skype this week on my laptop and actually brought a friend currently in Florida in on a book club. What fun!  Imagine what my poor kids in college are in for.

Adrienne: I got my 3 year-old Godson in Florida all set up on Skype so we can see each other when we talk – it backfired though; he is less interested in seeing “Auntie A” and more excited to see Ellie, my cat!

8.) What do you hope members of ABWA Cape Cod and other women attending get out of Geek Girl Boot Camp?

Hopefully members will have a chance to broaden their perspective on technology and to realize it is not intimidating. We also hope members will embrace their inner geek and gain confidence in their skills. And of course, get some cool swag as well!

Thanks, Ladies!