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A History of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

How many of you were on the early platforms of Social Media? Friendster? Classmates? MySpace?   Thanks to Copyblogger 

Who is Excited About Google Fiber?

Who wouldn’t be? Google Fiber just launched today its new 1 gigabit residential fiber network in Kansas City, MO. Internet and HDTV, folks. The network will deliver 1 gigabit connections to homes all over the city. And if you don’t think THAT is fast, then consider it is about 100 times faster than most current(…)

The Cost of Being Batman

Apparently, it costs a lot of money to be Batman. From Wayne Manor, to paying Alfred, to the Tumbler, to grappling hooks, to the Kevlar Nomex Groin Armor… THE SUIT     THE RESIDENCE AND GADGETS THE TRAINING  THE VEHICLES Source:        

Introducing: Social Media Saturdays!

Do you get a migraine just looking at all these Social Media options here? Of course you do, right? Because Social Media has become more intrusive in our every day lives and more information than ever is bombarding you from all sides. We know you need help, and we can help.   So ask yourself(…)

No wonder why I am always online…

Wow. This is a lot of content. How many of these Social Media sites are you on? How many hours a day are you working on these? Looking at this just gives me a migraine…                             Graphic courtesy of Buddy Media

Nintendo Dominoes…30,000 dominoes featuring Pikachu, Mario and more!

Amazing! Dominoes are cool enough, but dominoes reflecting Nintendo games? Far out, I say. Over 30,000 dominoes were used in this epic setup featuring some of Nintendo‘s hottest games: Super Mario, Pokémon (featuring Pikachu!), Sonic the Hedgehog, and Zelda! It took them three weeks to make it so check it out!  

Introducing: Alecia Orsini Lebeda….Video Vixen and Girl Scout

Who are you and what do you do? Professional Nomad and I create media by shear force of will.   What will you be teaching at the Geek Girl Conference this year? How to take over the world….with video….and the Internet.   What was your favorite part of the Geek Girl Conference last year? The Sandwiches.(…)

Seth Godin on the New Economy/Forever Recession

I would suggest you watch this. Then watch it again. Then repeat….because everyone is unprepared. Seth Godin, the marketing guru and author talks about the new year, the ‘forever recession’, and how you can join the race to the top, instead of settling for the bottom. It’s all about the New Economy…it’s not your Father’s(…)