Is Your Facebook Contest Legal? [Infographic]

Do you run contests on Facebook? Or maybe are interested in creating one? Read this over and make sure you are staying as close to the law as possible because there are repercussions if you deviate.

Remember, you can always ask your fans to like or share your page for access to an entry form, but it cannot be the only means of entry.

It’s unfortunate that there are so many steps to take, but hey, if you follow them, you will be fine and your Facebook contest should go off without a hitch. And always keep in mind; Facebook changes their rules like weather changes in New England. Always. These rules are current as of 7/14/14.

Keep the following in mind:




Infographic courtesy of ShortStack

Seth Godin on the New Economy/Forever Recession

I would suggest you watch this. Then watch it again. Then repeat….because everyone is unprepared.

Seth Godin, the marketing guru and author talks about the new year, the ‘forever recession’, and how you can join the race to the top, instead of settling for the bottom.

It’s all about the New Economy…it’s not your Father’s Economy…

It’s a Forever Recession – so Race to the Top.

Don’t wait for someone to pick you…pick yourself.


Thanks to our dear friend Chris Selland for the head’s up.

Meet Geek Girl Catherine Weber

Catherine Weber will be teaching some of the workshops in the Social Media Series including Social Media Primer, The Power of Facebook for your Business, The Power of LinkedIn for your Business, YouTube for Business, and Twitter for Business. See all workshops here

1.      How and when did you become a Geek Girl?

As a marketing professional, it was crucial to understand technology as a communication tool. From the beginning of my career, I have had to learn how to use the internet to help my clients. We built our first website in 1994 for ourselves and our first client. We have never stopped riding the technology wave since.

2.      Technology is so big, so diverse: in what parts are you an expert? in what realms are you still learning?

My expertise is in how to use technology for communication and marketing. What started out as publishing websites, has evolved to using social media  tools to help our clients promote their brands and products.

3.      Did you have an experience growing up or as an adult where you felt the huge divide between women and technology?

In my experience, girls and women were never engineers or mathematicians and as an extension, not computer experts but my mother was never afraid to learn, so neither was I. As a result, I have two sisters who work in technology and my mother still teaches me new tricks at 71 years old. In fact, she is coming to Bootcamp to learn more.

4.      If you answered yes, how did you handle it?

5.      What was your favorite part of Geek Girl Camp 2009?

Meet with women who had a desire to understand something new is powerful. Having them come away with a new understanding is amazing. The best part is being able to share what I know and empower women to move ahead with confidence.

6.      List 3 ways that women (or you specifically) can have an impact on technology.

·         Women can use technology to make change in their own personal lives. The internet gives us access to information and information is power. If women know how to use it, they can positively change their lives and the lives of their families and communities.
·         Women can use technology as a communication tool to make change in the world through activism.
·         Women can make it known what is working and not working with the technology they use. Software companies and websites seek feedback from users to improve their offering. Women can help to make improvements to the tools they use by providing constructive feedback.

7.      If you could change one thing about the world (and we know you can) what would it be?

Tough question. There are so many things. Mostly, stopping the torture and repression of people around the world. Women and technology can change that by learning the tools and using them to make change!

8.      What is your desire, wish or goal for Geek Girl Camp 2010?

To empower women to make a difference in the world by using their natural skills in communication.

9. If the Geek Girls could have 1 minute to talk to the world, what would we say?

Harness the power of technology to change the world.

Catherine Weber’s Bio:

Catherine Weber, president of Weber Media Partners, has come full circle over the last 15 years in transforming her firm from a PR and Marketing Communications company to an interactive agency providing social media services to predominately B-to-B clients. Catherine has developed a thoughtful approach to bring small- and mid-size businesses into a conversational world. The client portfolio includes the National Park Service, mid-size technology firms, and notable organizations such as Lahey Clinic, William Raveis Real Estate, Bose Corporation, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Top of the Hub Restaurant. Weber Media Partners’ blog, Impressions through Media, educates and provides thought leadership on social media and marketing, and the strategic integration into a business’ marketing mix. Catherine received a B.A. from Emerson College in Communications and a M.A. from UMass Boston in Critical and Creative Thinking. She presents at conferences, and conducts hands-on workshops on Social Media and Inbound Marketing.

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