A Geek Girl’s take on the new Facebook Privacy Issues – What you Need to Know

As I starting writing this blog post on Saturday morning, I was intrigued by all the blog posts, articles, even local news channels all getting their panties in a bind about the “new Facebook Privacy” issues. I was kind of shocked by all the outrage and nasty comments of the new Facebook announcement for privacy changes making their rounds on Twitter, Facebook and other sites, considering the first rules of the Internet that everyone should know. So, in total Fight Club manner, I give you those rules. Rule #1: Never post anything to the Internet you never want anyone to….

What I Learned from the Mass Conference for Women Yesterday

Geek Girl Camp had the most fortunate opportunity to be a supporting organization of the Massachusetts Conference for Women and we were able to provide a Technology Help Desk for all the attendees to ask questions on computer, Internet and web-related questions. It was a great experience, and we cannot thank them enough for allowing us to partner with them on what is their crowning achievement of the year. In sitting at our busy, bustling booth yesterday, I had a little time to reflect on a few things with Geek Girl Camp throughout the past year since we started and….

Advertise in the Official and Essential Geek Girl Conference & Resource Handbook!

If you have ever been to a Geek Girl Boot Camp, then along with all the awesome gear you get, you also receive what has become known as “the book”. “The book” can be seen in the purse or briefcase of a Geek Girl, whipped out in a flash, as fast as a six-shooter out of the holster, to write something important in the copious note pages to be saved for eternity. Yup. I’ve seen it happen. “The book” is what we call our “Essential Geek Girl Conference & Resource Handbook“, and it contains more than just a summary of….

Getting the Best Bargains Online for Black Friday through Christmas

If you are as busy as I am, then you know organization and timing is everything. Right down to your Christmas list. And if you are online 15 hours a day like I am sometimes, all your friends think you always know where the best deals are. I felt compelled during the silly season to quickly mention some great online sites, email updates, and some apps that I use to get some, as we say back in my home state of Rhode Island, “Wicket Bah-gins” for the holiday season. Not everything is listed, but some I find to be pretty….

Theft…How To Prevent It In Your Business

Whole books could be written about how to avoid and prevent theft in a business environment. In a small blog we are only going to address the most basic steps a business owner can take to help prevent the theft of money by employees and contractors with access to your finances. First it is important to understand that theft comes in many forms and it is not all cash missing from the cash register at the end of a shift. Funds can be stolen by those with access by writing checks to themselves, falsifying withholdings from earnings on payroll tax….

Social Media meets Mortality: How do you handle a deceased person's online presence?

I had been thinking about this for a long time, especially as people pass away that you know intimately or in a business setting. What is the appropriate way to handle a deceased person’s online presence on Social Media? Recently, a few people I know have passed on and yet everyone once in a while, their faces appear when I login in to some of my online accounts as people I should “follow”, “friend” or “Connect” with. Unfortunately, I already know they are no longer alive so I started thing what is the appropriate way to go about wither advising….

Geek Girl Tech Boot Camp Cape Cod 2010 is Booked!

Well, you asked for it. And we are bringing it! So save the date. We booked the first of our 2010 Geek Girl Camp Boot Camps in the place where it all began; Cape Cod, Massachusetts! And if you think Cape Cod is not a mecca for inspiring geek girls, then tell that to the 200 ladies who attended last year! Cape Cod Boot Camp 2010 will be held on Saturday, March 6th from 9am to 5pm at the same location, the Cape Cod Community College Adult Learning Center in Hyannis, MA. We could not resist their 3 fully equipped….

Win an Extreme Geek Makeover by Geek Girl Camp

Are you frustrated at slow computers, blue blinky screens, SPAM from a 12 year old in Bulgaria, having a Facebook Fan Page of only 1 (yourself) and a website as old and tired as Larry King? Are you in need of a “tech tuneup”? Are you a non-profit on Cape Cod or the Islands? Well, Bubby, then you need to enter the Extreme Geek Makeover, Geek Girl Camp style! Geek Girl Camp is offering the first regional Extreme Geek Makeover for a lucky non-profit in the Cape Cod, southeastern Mass region. If you think you need a makeover, get over….

Social Media Expert and New York Times Best-Selling Author Chris Brogan Coming to Cape Cod

We are so excited to announce that Chris Brogan, social media expert and best-selling author, and all-around nice guy, will be coming to town for an exclusive book signing and social media event! And we could not be more excited! The event is a fundraiser for Geek Girl Camp’s programs for women in need and transition, specifically tied to educational scholarships, computer training, providing laptops and other events and initiatives. Chris Brogan, co-author of the New York Times best-seller, Trust Agents, will be in Hyannis, Cape Cod, MA on October 27th from 5-7pm to sign his new book as well….

Geek Girl Camp Announces Laptop Donation Drive for Women In Need; Donates First Laptop to WE CAN

Photo: June Bertucci, Small Office Computer Support of Cape Cod; Arlene Kirsch, Executive Director of WE CAN; Paula Hersey, Penguin Digital Design. Taking picture: Leslie Fishlock, Founder of Geek Girl Camp Contact Information Geek Girl Camp: Leslie Fishlock, Founder – 774.269.9222 [email protected] @GeekGirlCamp WE CAN: Arlene Kirsch, Executive Director – 508.430.8111 Geek Girl Camp Announces Laptop Donation Drive for Women In Need; Donates First Laptop to WE CAN – Program will support women locally and nationwide with donated laptops – CATAUMET, MA, September 14, 2009 – Today, Geek Girl Camp presented the first in a series of laptop donations for….

Stay squeaky clean and full of brain power – with Geek Girl soap of course!

Guess what just came in the mail? My friend Jessica Beauchamp from Geeky Clean Soaps created and sent me the coolest soap for every geek girl! It’s our very own Geek Girl Brain Power Cherry Lemonade Soap! Complete with brain! And it smells so good! The best part about it is that it is another item we will be able to sell to raise money for educational scholarships, update and fix old computers to women in need, as well as for other fundraising events in the future. Thank you SO MUCH, Jessica! They are so SOAPALICIOUS! Good news for all….

My Twitter Response Philosophy

It seems like ages ago, but I posted my very first tweet on Twitter in 2007 when social media enthusiasts like me commenced gravitating to the medium. Since then I have developed and redeveloped my philosophy about using Twitter from the way in which I follow people to how I respond to my followers who talk to me. Today my Twitter philosophy is quite simple: I follow everyone who follows me unless they are spam, peddling porn, clearly marketing to me, I can’t tell who is behind the account, or I can’t figure out why they want to follow me. And when anyone talks to me on Twitter,….

How you can "Pay it Forward" with Geek Girl Camp…

I was just contacted by someone who asked me “well, how can I get involved paying it forward to Geek Girl Camp?” Good question! Well, here are eight good ones for now: 1.) Donating laptops: Geek Girl is collecting workable laptops that are no longer being used and repurpose them by upgrading and cleaning up and donating to non-profit organizations who need them. Most of these organizations help women in transition in getting them jobs and getting the employed. Many cannot afford them. Geek Girl has offered to be the in between to get the laptops, fix them up and….

The utimate dream team Advisory Board an entrepreneur could have…

When in the course of human events, as an entrepreneur, working day, night, and weekends on your business, or your “baby” as frenzied entrepreneurs like myself will apt to call it, and after you have finally gotten to the point and suddenly realize that you really don’t know everything, something clicks in your noggin and you start thinking logically instead of emotionally. You start thinking of big picture instead of tunnel vision. You – literally – start asking for help. You start actually believing what all those business books and blog posts by successful business people, that maybe what you….

Get stuck on Glue!

Author’s note: My past posts have been directed to social media applications and tools outside of the leading platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. My aim is to educate everyone on the many ways to connect with people outside just Twitter and Facebook, using diverse and interesting technologies and tools that everyone should try to be part of the conversation. You can then make a decision if it is something you want to use more of or not in your social media strategy or just for fun. You never know where that “connection” you make online turns out to be….