The Value of Women in Startups

Some things to note: Women earn more than 50% of all bachelor’s and master’s degrees,  nearly half of all doctorates, yet under 3% start technology companies and even less on management teams. We’re changing this, but we need more ladies involved. Get involved!

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The Value of Women in Startups

Women in Tech Startups San Diego [Video]

What’s it like to work for a Tech Startup?

What’s it like to be a Woman working for a Tech Startup?

We were honored recently to have some of the coolest Geek Girls in San Diego to answer these questions!

Adrianna Herrara, the CEO and Founder of Fashioning Change, Melani Gordon, CEO and co-founder of Tap Hunter, Alexis Rodich, Director of Artist Services, Bandsintown. and Stephanie Mansolino of Sweet Labs were on hand to tell us the Good, the Bad and the Ugly about starting your own Startup, and whether being a woman has anything to do with it.

Many thanks to Wesley, Bin and Aline at the Ansir Innovation Center for letting us put this on.

And my sweet geeky boyfriend, Chris Corriveau, for filming it all.

It was a fabulous evening for women in tech – and tech in general.



Microsoft Named Main Sponsor for Geek Girl Tech Conference Cape Cod 2012

Brings “Geek Girl” and Platform Developer Evangelist, Lindsay Lindstrom as Keynote Speaker

Geek Girl, a preeminent computer technology educational training organization, today announced that Microsoft will be the Main Sponsor for Geek Girl Tech Conference Cape Cod 2012 happening on March 17th at the Cape Cod Community College in Barnstable, MA. This will be the 4th conference Geek Girl has organized in its five year history, and the second year Microsoft has served as a Sponsor.

 “Microsoft is one of the top companies in the world and we are thrilled that they are a part of the Geek Girl Tech Conference this year on Cape Cod”, said Geek Girl CEO & Founder, Leslie Fishlock.  “Microsoft has proven time and again their commitment in making technology accessible to everyone as well as their desire to bring more women into technology positions. We are very honored to have them a part.”

In addition to being the lead sponsor, Microsoft is bringing one of their own “Geek Girls” as the Keynote Speaker, Lindsay Lindstrom.

Lindsay Lindstrom is an Academic Developer Evangelist in Microsoft’s Developer and Platform Evangelism group, based in Pennsylvania.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.  During her time at USC, she worked with ABC and Wells Fargo supporting their web properties.  In her current role she educates, excites and empowers students with technology, and she loves her job!  Lindsay is also passionate about supporting Women in Technology, especially inspiring girls to explore technology careers.

“We are so excited to partner with Geek Girl once again for the Geek Girl Tech Conference this year,” said Christine Gannon, Sr. Business Development Manager at Microsoft.  “This was such an amazing event last year that we couldn’t wait to come back.   This venue and the format for the day make learning fun and exciting.   Microsoft is proud to be a part of such a great event!”

The conference will offer over 80 workshops to choose from for an all day pass, ranging from intensives from beginner to advanced on everything from PC, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access), Mac, iWork, WordPress, web development and design, smart phone training, iPhone and iPad training, Adobe Photoshop/InDesign/Elements, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+), QuickBooks, digital photography, podcasting, blogging, video, and more. Workshops are taught by Geek Girl Instructors, as well as female and male sponsors from sponsor companies.

Geek Girl is a passionate pioneer in bringing technology to the masses without the fear often associated with it. Through educational offerings such as its highly successful full-day conferences, the program has trained thousands of attendees, both women and men, from 10 to 88 years old, beginner to advanced, with hands-on training by experienced instructors in state-of-the-art facilities.

About Geek Girl Camp:

Geek Girl is on a mission: to educate and empower every girl and woman (and man) at every age level, on every skill level, at every income level on computer technology with fun and provide a legacy by giving back and paying it forward. Geek Girl does this through their Educational Training Centers, full day conferences, Hire a Geek Girl program, speaking engagements, online learning, webinars and other events. Geek Girl is focused and committed to delivering the best in educational computer training for success at school, employment or personal use. Geek Girl has supported many organizations with educational scholarships for women and girls, specifically for computer training.

For more information, visit



Win an Extreme Geek Makeover by Geek Girl Camp

Are you frustrated at slow computers, blue blinky screens, SPAM from a 12 year old in Bulgaria, having a Facebook Fan Page of only 1 (yourself) and a website as old and tired as Larry King?

Are you in need of a “tech tuneup”?

Are you a non-profit on Cape Cod or the Islands?

Well, Bubby, then you need to enter the Extreme Geek Makeover, Geek Girl Camp style!

Geek Girl Camp is offering the first regional Extreme Geek Makeover for a lucky non-profit in the Cape Cod, southeastern Mass region.

If you think you need a makeover, get over to the contest page and sign up!


You may be the lucky winner of a makeover, Geek Girl style!

All qualified entries will will receive a gift from Geek Girl Camp as well!

But, you have to PLAY to WIN!

Good luck!

How to make frosty paws…

Okay, I realize this is a “tech” blog and this appears to be a non-tech post, but since just as many people know me as as the “Frosty Paws Lady” as they know me as the “Geek Girl” and since both these audiences are combined in some circumstances, I am combining these two.

I always get asked for the recipe usually right after I am asked what Twitter client I use or what smartphone is the best (iPhone, btw ;-0).  I figured I would just get this recipe out of the way – in a form of a blog post so everyone can make frosty paws for their favorite canine or pet of choice.

I made the recipe both text-based and visually (Oooh-Ah) by using digital photography from iPhoto and typing on my iMac and using Preview to resize. See, so this is a technical post. Sort of.

Make this and make this often – your dogs will LOVE you for it!

Step 1

Find two hungry puppies (or kitties, ferrets, hedgehogs, etc. who love store bought Frosty Paws) after a long day in the pool. Pictured here.

Step 2

Assemble all your ingredients. I like doubling the batch.

2 lb – 32 oz container of plain yogurt
Peanut Butter
1-2 Ripe bananas
Plastic containers
Spatula, masher and small ladle

Step 3

Take 1-2 peeled, ripened bananas and put them in mixing bowl and mash ‘em. Mash ‘em hard. Mash ‘em good.

Step 4

Empty entire container of yogurt into bowl. You can use any kind of plain yogurt. I would not use non-fat unless Fido needs has some serious love handles, but you’re his master.

Step 5

Squeeze some honey on top. I would say around 2-4 tblsp – but I like to “feel” the measurements. I’m kind of rebellious that way.

Step 6

Add the peanut butter.  You can use as little as 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup. I even use a little bit more sometimes. Once again, I “felt” this one up. I use this creamy PB because we go through PB in our home like it was, well PB. The dogs love this kind. Feel free to use all-natural, organic or whatever. Be careful using chunky if you have small nugget dogs like Chee-waw-was. Do not need Pepe being rushed to the vet for choking on peanut chunks.

Step 7

When you have all these together, mix it really well so everything is combined.

Step 8

It should look like this. I am sure you women who have babies know of this particular substance.

Step 9

WHOOPS! Don’t forget the LOVE!!! This is mandatory ’cause love makes it all happen. ;-)

Step 10

Start ladling into little containers. If you have smaller dogs, I suggest filling up ice cube trays. They are perfect for small dog treats and you can give them 1 or 2. What I like about these containers is that if they do not want the rest, you can put the lid on and back to the freezer you go!

Step 11

After they are filled, bang them lightly on table to settle and wipe off any messes around rim.

Step 12

Pop the lids on!

Step 13

Put in freezer next to edamame and Reese’s. Breakfast of Champions.

If you have done this correctly, then you will no doubt have happy doggies!

Enjoy and I hope you all found this helpful!