GGC2011 may be over, but we're here for you ALL year long!

So your head is spinning with information from your all day adventure on the Cape at Geek Girl BootCamp 2011! Well after you have had time to absorb it all, maybe you have more questions?  Maybe you would like the staff at your business to be trained as well? We’ve got the solution for that – our Online Help Desk and GEEK GIRL FOR HIRE!!

The camp may be over for now, but we are here ALL year long for you :-) Our Geek Girl Instructors are available via our website for FREE (we like that!) or for HIRE!

Head over to our Online Help Desk form with questions HERE. However, if you are looking for more than that, we also offer anything from 90 minute seminar presentations, mini four hour conferences with help desks; on all sorts of topics. Just as you experience on a bigger level at Geek Girl BootCamp, we can cover social media training, PC Maintenance, podcasting, videography, blogging and websites, on a much smaller level for you. If you are interested in more information – check out our flyer or fill out the form below.

Who's Coming to Boot Camp Southeast Mass? Tickets on Sale Now!

POSTPONED – will have new date soon!

Who’s coming to Boot Camp Southeast Mass 2010?

Registration is now open for Boot Camp on May 22nd at Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA, from 8am-6pm.

If you are interested in learning about the following, then Boot Camp is for you!

What is it?
Geek Girl Boot Camps are technology “unconferences” for women of all ages and knowledge levels where you can go to take classes on everything to do with computers, PC and Mac, the Internet, marketing, consumer electronics, software, social media, Photoshop, blogging, podcasting, digital photography, and more.

It includes:

  • Admission to all workshops – space allowances per room
  • Admission to Discussion Groups on Various Topics
  • Geek Girl Help Desk - All day Expert Help Desk, questions and answers, on everything tech; Mac and PC, software and hardware, email and Internet, Web Browsers and Social Media. The all day Help Desk will feature a library of O’Reilly Media tech books
  • Access to some of the finest experts in their fields
  • Huge Schwag bag full of goodies to take home
  • A Geek Girl Boot Camp tshirt – be the envy of everyone!
  • Great raffle gifts like computers, plasmas, iPods, printers and gift baskets
  • Phenomenal Networking and Support Groups
  • Cocktail Reception
  • and Lots More!

Who should attend?

Any woman, from young and old, who needs help with technology!
Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

Entrepreneurs, employees, business owners, teachers, home businesses, consultants, stay at home Moms, women in transition, artists, non-profits, organizations, students, realtors, bankers, financial advisors, lawyers, PR, marketing/advertising, small business owners and (insert your job here!)

Your Mom! Your Grandmother! Your Daughter! Any woman you feel would benefit from the experience!

If you are a beginner just learning how to use computers, the Internet, digital cameras and more!

If you are an intermediate and know how to use a computer, but want to know more for your company or for fun!

If you are advanced, but want help on marketing your website, blog, podcast, social media skills and more!

What Are you Going to Learn? All levels of:

  • Social Media – How to use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn like a pro!
  • How to make your own Social Media Community
  • Learning how to make your Non-profit grow and succeed online with Social Media and Fundraising
  • Tools for Non-profits
  • How to start an online marketing and social media campaign for your service business: Perfect for contractors, real estate agents, small companies, Ma and Pa shops, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, home-based businesses
  • How to Diagnose my Computer
  • Becoming Proficient on my PC!
  • Becoming Proficient on my Mac!
  • Dreamweaver, HTML and websites
  • How to create and utilize a Database
  • QuickBooks Instruction for my Small Business
  • Understanding my iPhone
  • How to use iTunes
  • Adobe Photoshop and InDesign
  • Digital Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • All about Google! Google Search, Analytics, Docs and more
  • Video - How to shoot, market your video and what video cameras are for me?
  • WordPress and Content Management Systems
  • Podcasting – What is it, is it for me and how do I get started?
  • Blogging – Steps from getting a domain name, to setting up a blog, adding comments and marketing it – all in ONE day!


Just a Thought:
Donate a Scholarship to a Student or Women in Need! This is a wonderful way to “Pay it Forward” – You can stay anonymous or we can post your name on the website.

Continuing Ed credits for teachers may be applied – find out more: [email protected]

Would you like to be a Sponsor or Advertise in the Essential Conference Resource Handbook? Let us know!

How you can "Pay it Forward" with Geek Girl Camp…

I was just contacted by someone who asked me “well, how can I get involved paying it forward to Geek Girl Camp?”

Good question! Well, here are eight good ones for now:

1.) Donating laptops: Geek Girl is collecting workable laptops that are no longer being used and repurpose them by upgrading and cleaning up and donating to non-profit organizations who need them. Most of these organizations help women in transition in getting them jobs and getting the employed. Many cannot afford them. Geek Girl has offered to be the in between to get the laptops, fix them up and hand them over to organizations who can then determine who needs them the most. We cannot provide a letter for your tax filing for a deduction, but the organizations we work with can.

2.) Sponsoring events: To keep costs low so that a majority of women can attend and so we can provide scholarships to women who simply cannot, we depend upon the kindness of sponsors who can not only help fulfill our monetary needs, but also offer their support, guidance, experience and training with equipment, software and hardware to educate the attendees at the boot camps. We are looking for partners, resources and active supporters to help us get computer technology education out to the masses. We offer incredible ways to get your company out in front of thousands of women as a sponsor.

3.) Donating time to guest post on the Geek Girl blog: If you are a Geek Girl blogger and have time to spare, help us with content on the site. We are always looking for bloggers with experience, know-how and initiative. Our desire is to be a content area for educational learning on all forms of computer technology, reviews on products, hints and tips and more.

4.) Offering technology discounts and product to Geek Girls: If you are a tech company, consumer electronics, educational, product, software or hardware company, we are always on the lookout for product giveaways and discounts on equipment, computers, services and more to provide to our vast Geek Girl audience. Get in front of the people who really need your stuff!

5.) Volunteering at Boot Camps and other events: We always need volunteers; whether you want to donate your time working at the events, helping to marketing the events, and even be on a local organizing team to bring a boot camp to your town.

6.) Volunteer your Organization with Geek Girl Boot Camps as an Educational Scholarship partner: If you are an organization that provides educational scholarships to women in need, consider partnering with Geek Girl in your town for a boot camp. We partner with women’s organizations in their home towns across the country to help us get the word out for the event, help with marketing and PR, provide volunteers, help with sponsors and get attendees to the events. In turn, Geek Girl donates a percentage of profits to the organization so that they may provide educational scholarships for women who need it most.

7.) Donating a high-end item for raffle or auction to raise funds: We have auctions and raffles at boot camps and would love to get high-end products to auction/raffle off. If you have something you think might be a great addition to our events, let us know!

8.) Hire Geek Girl for your next corporate or non-profit event: If you are having a conference, seminar or an event that offers computer technology and education, why not hire the Geek Girls for your Help Desk or for seminars? We provide professional and highly qualified speakers and techs to come and provide assistance, complete with an O’Reilly Media resource library, giveaways and schwag. Part of the funds help support us put on boot camps and provide scholarships for women to attend for free.

These are some ways you can help and I am sure there will be others coming soon! Feel free to let us know how we can help you, help us pay it forward and give back! Please pass this on.